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Why I’m Much Better at Letting Things Go Than I Used to Be

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Letting things go – it sounds easier said than done, right? Well that’s what I always thought too. Until the last few months this changed. I always used to tell myself not to stress about the unnecessary. But wow, I didn’t listen to my own thoughts on those occasions. If I couldn’t do something – …


The Power of Strengths and Weaknesses

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Today I’ve been thinking about what to write. What do I want to share that’s new, something I haven’t done before? That’s when strengths and weaknesses come into my mind. We all have them so it’s a topic for anyone to discuss about how they feel about theirs. Sometimes, no matter how hard you want …


A Letter to the Me Who Worries

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A letter to yourself, some people might think that’s kinda strange. But I don’t. I’ve seen a few recently and it inspired me to create one of my very own. This is a letter to myself, the version of my that worries. Worry seems to be a thing I can’t always balance. There are times …


Why You Don’t Have To Explain Yourself

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Do you ever feel sick of having to explain yourself? Someone’s always got to ask why. Why can’t you go? Why can’t you afford it? Or “I just don’t understand…” and starts to add their own version of things up. The end of today has been one of those days where I just feel so …


How Our Body and Mind Reflects the Confidence We Have

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This post couldn’t come at a more perfect time. With all of the thoughts going through my mind over the recent couple of months, it’s time to reflect once again. And this time it’s on confidence. I am happy to say that I am finally happy with how my blog is. I was having all …


5 Things to Remember in Times of Worry


We all experience times of worry. Even the people who you wouldn’t expect to, worry at least once in their lives. Some of us know the feeling too well. Tomorrow is a new day What happens today doesn’t have to be brought into tomorrow. But if it does you can beat it. Look back and …


The Difference Between Feeling Worried and Wanted

feeling wanted

This post talks about both feeling worried and wanted. Being a worrier, having someone love me for all of my flaws gives me a feeling that no one else on this earth can replace. Feeling wanted by the right person makes you feel amazing. Have you ever had that feeling where you couldn’t have done …


The Reasons Why You Should Always Be Yourself

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I’d like to share the reasons why you should be yourself in this post. You can go through life having a worrying overhaul of thoughts. I have feared multiple of things from the thought of drowning under the waves in the sea, to doing something wrong in the workplace. But the biggest thing I fear …