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Things to Do During the Coronavirus Lockdown

As surreal as the lockdown in the UK might feel right now, there are plenty of things you can do to stay occupied. Unfortunately, for the most social groups of people this is probably quite difficult. Also, it can pose challenges for those who are out of/can’t work. I’m lucky enough to be working from home so I still have some kind of routine. It does feel strange not having to travel to and from the office and I miss seeing my colleagues face-to-face.

For the past 10 days I’ve had Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms so I’ve stayed indoors (self-isolating). The only places I’ve been includes the bins at the front of the house and going into the back garden. Those who are on the COVID-19 high risk list have been urged to stay at home (shielding), whilst others are staying 2 metres apart (social distancing) and under restrictions to only go outside for:

  • Shopping for necessities
  • Exercise
  • Medical reasons
  • Traveling to and from work if ‘absolutely necessary’

Take advantage of the time you have to relax

If you’re anything like me and you struggle to just relax and chill, now is the time to understand why you should do it more often. ‘Me time’ is really important. I’ve talked about ways you can relax before. Pamper yourself or take the time do something you usually put aside because you don’t always have the time e.g. reading a new book, starting a blog etc.

Clean up and tidy up

I always find something to rearrange whether it’s clothes in the wardrobe, the cupboard under the sink, the medicine cabinet, you name it, there’s always something. Why did I have 6 boxes of plasters in the medicine cabinet, who knows? I love to organise and keep the house clean and tidy so this an everyday hobby for me.

Binge watch TV series or films

Okay, I’ll admit, I do this anyway. But there’s no harm is watching more right? Make the most of those Netflix subscriptions. I’m making the most of some girly series at the moment, including a bundle of Gilmore Girls episodes (my 3rd time watching the whole series from start to finish). And as Disney+ is out in the UK, you might as well sign up and be ready for all of your Disney favourites. I’m so looking forward to reliving my childhood!

Do some gardening

If you have the tools available, why not take the opportunity to venture into garden. It’s never really been on my to-do list before. However, since we moved into the new house last year, the back garden has been an area I like to spend my time in, when the weather is nice enough. I’ve had fun tidying the garden, cleaning the patio, and painting the fence.

Keep in touch with family and friends

The most important one on the list. Check in on your family and friends. And don’t forget about your neighbours, especially those who are vulnerable. There are many options such as: a call, text, social media, instant messaging like WhatsApp, video calls e.g. FaceTime etc. Some groups of people are also using quiz/gaming apps to keep them in high spirits.

As miserable as everything seems at the moment, do something that you can look back on and know it was time well spent. Think about the positives and have a forward-thinking perspective to keep you motivated.

Breakout Escape Room in Manchester

Breakout Manchester is a live escape room. You’re locked in a room with friends, family or work colleagues. This is for an hour and have to solve a series of puzzles and mysteries to escape. You search high and low for clues and work together if you want to escape. You have 60 minutes to escape by using your brain. There are no physical activities or challenges involved in the game.

You have eight rooms to choose from but which one do you think you can escape from?

If you want a thrilling and exciting activity with a group of people of your choice, then go for it! Be aware that there are two Breakout locations though, as me and my friends did not realise until we turned up at the wrong one of the day but we still made it in time to High Street for the Vacancy room.

We were very excited to participate in this game and were waiting over the past few weeks with anticipation wondering what it would be like. It is safe to say that it was not what I expected… it was much better. Throughout the whole duration of the game, there was not a moment of boredom or tension between our friendship group. Whenever one of us missed something out, or was taking longer than expected, we laughed and were eager to finish the task.

Breakout is such a fun experience

Obviously, I cannot give too much away, but be prepared and realise that just because a room says 4 out of 5 difficulty does not mean that it is as easy as it sounds with it not being 5 out of 5 difficulty. Just when you think it has all come to an end, there are more puzzles to be solved. Unfortunately, we were not part of the 45% who have successfully broke out of the Vacancy room; however, we are determined to be breakout next time! I wonder which room we will choose…

Check out Breakout Manchester’s Trip Advisor reviews. I have to agree as it is excellent!

Such a fantastic experience! We were a group of 5 people and only one of us had experienced a Breakout challenge before, however, it was different to the one we opted for, which was Vacancy. This room is rated 4/5 difficulty and we were so close to breaking out.

We got to the very end hurdle and our host said if we had around 30 more seconds, we would have completed the challenge. It is great fun and definitely leaves you wanting more. My friends and I would like to return to try out another room to see if we can break out next time!”

Visit the Breakout Manchester website and book your Breakout room today.