Another Year Has Ended But There’s Another Year to Discover

Another year has come to an end so that means I should probably start with Happy New Year! Over the past couple of days, there’s been a lot of people sharing the things they’re most proud of to have accomplished in 2018. And others have shared their dreams and aspirations for the year ahead. As more years that go by, there’s one thing that becomes clearer to me – the meaning of happiness. This is going to be a short and sweet post about that.

Think about it… if all of your material possessions were to break down, what would be the one thing that would still make you happy? Mine is definitely Danny, my family and friends. I’m so grateful to have them and to have my health and happiness. Yeah, it goes without saying, sometimes I get down. But doesn’t everyone? It doesn’t mean that I forget how much those around me mean to me, day in and day out.

What the new year will bring for us

Me and Danny have been on lots of adventures together. But 2019 is going to be one of our biggest adventures yet. Even if there are to be a hundred challenges along the way it doesn’t matter. Why? Because we have each other and I’m pretty sure we can get through anything. We will be walking into a house and be making it our home. That is something I am extremely excited about. I’m sure you’ll hear more about that in the near future.

I’ll be happy as long as I get to see my friends and family happy and healthy. As always, I’ll remind myself to surround myself with positive energy from the right people. That always has a massive impact on anyone’s happiness. I’ll keep on dreaming because you never know what the future will hold.

Here’s to an amazing 2019. I’m so excited for another big adventure, I hope you are too!

You’ve Got This, Together You Can Face Anything

Trust in whatever will be. Will it be everything you want? I think if you really know, you just know. But if not there’s always time to get back up again and fight for the things you do want. If someone has 100% given their heart to you and you trust them completely, your bond can only get stronger.

Exciting times can come with opinions, buts, what ifs etc.

You never know exactly what’s going to happen in the future. But being around the right people and thinking positively can make a huge difference. The energy can be so uplifting. But to be honest even if it’s only you and one other person, you can both make a great difference in each other’s lives.  If you have someone who you love unconditionally, show them your love every day. Even a simple reminder can make all of the difference.

You can constantly be annoyed at the little things that bug you from whoever in either of your lives. Or you can choose to put those annoyances aside and spend more time on the things that make you the happiest version of yourselves. Together is when you’re the happiest.

There’s someone in your life who you could never replace

Not that you would ever try anyway but just think about this for a minute. He has taken you on the biggest adventures, been the reasons behind most of the biggest smiles on your face, stood by you in all of your decisions and compliments every inch of you.

You’ve always thought he’s too nice. You tell him all of the time. But maybe you just have to accept that’s part of his nature. You’re loved by such a kind-hearted man. He never wants you to feel alone. And well, you never have to because he’s always there for you. Seeing you happy is what makes him happy.

The two of you have a different kind of love

It’s not about being perfect. It’s how you both devote yourselves to one another and want the best for each other, that makes it so special. From the tears he’s wiped from your eyes, being there through times you don’t even understand, to the many magical moments you’ve shared – listen to him when he says, “You never need to worry about a thing.”

Right now you’re both feeling something that you never have before.  A massive amount of excitement. You’re facing a huge commitment. But guess what? It isn’t scary and there’s no need to worry because it’s going to be amazing. You know why? Together you can face anything. You both deserve to go out there and find the greatest happiness there is. Give each other the best life you possibly can and always be there for each other as you always have been.

Be the best for each other

It doesn’t matter about what others have got, how they look or what they think of you, this is your lives. You think he hasn’t got everything he needs but he tells you that you’re more than he imagined he could ever have. You think the same about him too so quit it with that worrying head of yours and “keep your head up high” just as your mum has always told you to since being a little girl.

No amount of people who come in and out of your lives, new scenery or life adaptations can change a thing between the both of you. Together, you can face anything.

Looking Towards the Future Is Such an Exciting Thing

October will soon be coming to be an end. Once Halloween is over, Bonfire Night will soon be here and then before you know it, it’ll be Christmas. With preparations for the house kicking in, looking towards the future has never been so exciting.

Earlier me and Danny were talking about how we can wish the week away wishing it was Friday as soon as Monday arrives. We all wish for a longer weekend, right? It’s not so good to wish your life away but of course, it’s always nice to have things to look forward to.

We’re using small milestones to reach our goal of getting the house. The excitement is killing us inside but we want to wait until we’re further into the process so we know for sure that, without a doubt, it’s really happening.

While I’m on a positive trade of thought towards the future, there are a few things that have been on my mind recently.

I’m in one of the happiest places I’ve ever been

You know when you’re sat there thinking “I’m really happy where I am right now?” Well, that’s how it is at the moment. And it’s only going to get better. If we both keep working hard and stay motivated, the journey we’re sharing is going to become even more incredible.

The worrier I used to be doesn’t exist as half as much as it used to. Being yourself is the best way forward and having someone who loves every inch you inside and out, is my version of perfect. The reality is, he goes above and beyond everything I’ve ever dreamt of.

Having patience really does help

Sometimes you want things to happen right here and now. But looking towards the future is so much better, as you can see how worthwhile it really is. If everything happened exactly when you wanted it to, surely you’d run out of things to look forward to? I think it leads to more excitement when you’re closer to such an important event in your life.

Patience helps you to be healthier mentally. You’re not stressing about what’s to come. You simply live in the moment and know that time will take its course. Good things are coming, you have to keep believing that they will.

There’s no one else on earth I’d want to share my future with

I couldn’t be more sure about this one. He’s the one person I want to experience the same old things with and all of the new. Danny has taken me on the biggest journey of my life and it’s only going to get more amazing. How does he put up with my weird, random antics? We’re a right pair! Just the other day we were both in stitches in public and laughing together is one of my favourite things to do.

Count your lucky stars when you have someone and something to hold onto forever. Use each experience to go from strength to strength. Together, you can get everywhere you want to go regardless of what anybody else thinks.

What have you been feeling excited about recently as you’re looking towards the future?

The Moment You Start to Feel Like You Again

Do you have a period in your life where you wish you could feel like you again? Of course you do. That’s because we all do. It’s called being human. There are times where we feel like we might have stopped making an effort, or making the effort is what drains you.

Remember to not lose sight of the things that make you happy and make you feel your best.

How amazing is the feeling when you start to feel like you again?

Last weekend was the first time I’ve had my hair done in three months. I went for the full pamper – highlights, cut, blow dry and treatment. And wow I feel as if I look like me again! I couldn’t stop feeling my hair to feel how much healthier it was. I didn’t care if no one noticed because I felt amazing!

Maybe I’ll get round to painting my nails some time soon as I keep saying I will…

Back to the things I love

Today is the first time in two weeks that I’ve posted on Instagram. I usually have stock of photos ready to upload multiple times in the week. But I finally got around to editing a few this evening. And with Amsterdam coming up at the end of next month, there’s bound be loads more new travel shots coming your way.

And here I am writing a blog post. You hear of many people saying that they’re “neglecting” their blog. But in my eyes, I post when I have the right motivation to do so. I don’t believe the whole “bad blogger” thing.

Exciting things are happening

Very serious times now. No more nipping in that shop to see what cute top is on offer. It’s all about keeping extra money aside for our future. Me and Danny are finally hitting an exciting step in our lives. There are months to go but we can’t wait to make a house our home if all goes to plan. As Danny said the other night as he ran and kissed me good night, “Tasha… it’s happening!”

Anyone who knows me understands how long I’ve waited for it all the start happening. I’ve been buying kitchen utensils, bathroom furnishings, and new bedding for the past two years. Yeah we’ll see different sides to each other considering we’ll be living together but I don’t doubt for one minute that we’ll ever grow to hate each other.

Being happy in the moment and looking forwards the future

I’ve learnt to ignore anyone’s comments that are nothing but positive. The future will be amazing because we’re going to make it amazing, having each other, just as we always have. We have worked so hard to head in this direction stepping closer to something we’ve dreamt of for years. No one is going to change that.

Is there anything that’s happened recently to make you feel like you again? Have you got any exciting news? Tell me in the comments below.

3 of My Favourite Things from the Last Year

On St George’s Day, 23rd April 2018, I’ll be turning 24-years-old. Since my birthday is approaching, I wanted to take a look at my favourite things I’ve learnt and discovered during life as a 23-year-old. The last year has been of my best yet but also brought lots of challenges too. I think I look younger than my age, especially to a lot of people. But I like to think I’ve got the right level of maturity my age. That’s when I’m not in a fit of laughter finding something hilarious that no one else gets.

So, what has life as a 23-year-old gave me?

Finding the perfect job for me

On 15th May 2018, I began my role at Disabled Living as a Marketing Coordinator and Content Writer. I’m so pleased that my confidence has grew an incredible amount. No longer am I the girl who sits in the corner wondering where life is going to take her. I’m now the young woman who puts myself in the picture. I’ve met many people across my nearly to be 1 year journey. And I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it all. I’m looking forward to another year.

Experiencing a 10k run

A run with a few walks in between but I did it. I can’t believe it’s nearly been a year since me and Danny completed the Great Manchester Run. It was a lot of hard work training but an amazing feeling once we had done it. And as always, anything I can do to raise money for the British Heart Foundation, I’ll always try my best.

Mine and Danny’s 5th anniversary

The 16-year-old me saw a spark with Danny. We found our way back to each other in 2012 and finally got together in 2013. He’s everything I’ve ever dreamed for and has been the perfect person to share the journey I’ve embarked on over the last years. We’ve been there as we’ve both been chasing our dreams. He’s the most supportive and loving man in my life. Here’s to the next 5 years together. Let’s keep saving to get our home together!

When your birthday comes around this year, think about the best things you’ve done in the last year.

2018 Is Proving to Be an Exciting Year

Three months into 2018 and it’s proving to be very exciting already. It doesn’t seem like two minutes ago since we were preparing for Christmas. The chaos of getting everyone’s Christmas presents and wrapping them. And now, we’re looking forward to spring (hoping that the weather starts to be more spring anyway). I’m not sure about you but I think this ‘Beast from the East’ has shown us enough now. It’s time for blossoming daffodils and a little bit of sunshine. Please? Just a little bit will do.

Me and Danny told you about 5 things that I was excited to welcome into 2018. This included:

Continuing to explore together

Moving forward together

Facing new challenges

Travelling on a road to happiness

Seeing what else life has to offer


The exploring part has been promising. We took a trip to Dublin. And we plan to go to Amsterdam, maybe in June according to the best deals at the moment. We’re also going to Liverpool for a friend’s birthday so we’ll be exploring there again for a couple of days. For me, it’ll be my first night out there. Good times!

Moving forward and facing new challenges

Regarding the move forward – we’re planning more things for then we move out together. And we’re both secure in our jobs after my 1-1s after Christmas. It’ll be a yer for us soon in the companies we’re in. Doesn’t time just fly by?! The same goes for facing new challenges. As always, each year, I like to do my bit for charity. I’m currently on a ‘Dechox’. Staying strong but really looking forward to a chocolate treat on Easter Sunday. We both tackled ways to stay strong together and not let anything drift us apart.

A road to happiness

Happiness. Taking time for yourself and for others are equally important when it comes to happiness. It’s not always easy to see everyone all of the time. And that’s not the way it has to be. Make time for the important occasions and wherever else you can. We all have our lives to live. It’s always good to remember the ones who are there for you during the lowest and highest moments. That’s something that becomes clearer and clearer as the years go on.

Whatever life has to offer

Life has been very kind to us these past three months. It’s given us tickets to see three of our favourite singers and a comedian. May brings us Ed Sheeran; June brings us Beyoncé and Jay Z; July brings us Eminem in London; and August brings us to Kevin Hart in Manchester. Ah, excited doesn’t even explain how I feel about it all. Beyonce is my birthday present from Danny and Eminem is his birthday present from me. Now I think about it, the trip to London will also be another chance for us to explore there again.

Traveling together, facing challenges, and making the most out of life is what brings us all the happiness in the world.

What exciting ventures are you going on this year?