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Eminem Presents His Revival Tour at Twickenham Stadium in London

Eminem revival tour in London with crowd in the background and colourful lights

This weekend me and Danny travelled to London to see Eminem for his Revival tour, which he’s currently in the UK for. During his 2018 tour he’s performed in several European places including Germany, Norway, and Italy. For as long as I’ve really known Danny, I’ve known that Eminem is a singer he always hoped …


What’s New This December?

december weekend header

December gives me a heavy music related opening. Once I told you about my favourite bands from the nineties and noughties? It’s mad how I’m not a member of the fan club for bands nowadays. But I’ve always felt that seeing one of my favourite childhood ones but be so good. I remember the day …


John Legend Delivers Darkness and Light Tour at Manchester Arena

john legend darkness and light tour header

Throughout September and the next couple of months, John Legend is performing in cities across Europe for his Darkness and Light tour. Several cities in the UK are also included such as: Manchester, Liverpool, and Cardiff. The ten-time Grammy Award-winning singer took to the stage at 9.00pm on Saturday 16 September at the Manchester Arena. The excitement …


Ed Sheeran – An Evening at the O2 Arena, London

ed sheeran o2 london

On Thursday 22 June 2017 the day had arrived for Ed Sheeran playing at the O2 London for it’s 10th birthday. Ed Sheeran is one of the singers that’s on my list of people to see. The list also includes: Beyoncé (who is now ticked off), John Legend, and Alicia Keys.


Your 24/7 Music News Magazine

get to the front

Do you know about Get To The Front? They are your 24/7 Music News Magazine. If you visit their website there’s lots to explore – music news, reviews, purchase tickets, read their blog, enter competitions. You’ll come across many ways you can contact and communicate with them. Your 24/7 music magazine Whether you’re looking for a …


Beyoncé Performs for Her Fans in Manchester

Beyoncé Manchester

Beyoncé performed her Formation World Tour on Tuesday 5th July at Emirates Old Trafford Cricket Ground. She arrived on stage at 20:00 and blew us all away. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Beyoncé embraces many people on a global level. Back at the beginning of the year when I noticed …


A Bit of Everything for Top 11 Love Songs

love songs

I love listening to songs, which mean something to me. And when you have that certain someone in your life, songs mean so much more to you. You tend to see yourself listening to the lyrics more and see just how meaningful they are. You take into account your own life experiences and put yourself …