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The Power of Strengths and Weaknesses

Today I’ve been thinking about what to write. What do I want to share that’s new, something I haven’t done before? That’s when strengths and weaknesses come into my mind. We all have them so it’s a topic for anyone to discuss about how they feel about theirs. Sometimes, no matter how hard you want to try to get rid of a weakness, it isn’t always possible. But you can help yourself by working on ways to overcome particular situations or doing something less.

We all have a weak side.

Take me for instance, if you didn’t know already, I’ve always been a massive worrier. That’s my biggest weakness. I’ve realised more than ever this year though just how pointless it can be to worry about things. You think you’re right to at the time then you realise it isn’t relevant or you didn’t have anything to worry about from the start.

Like I’ve said before, it can help to have someone there to show you how strong you can be.

He has given me the most amazing adventure and it’s only been a small part of the rest of our lives together. No matter how many insecurities I’ve had, no matter what weaknesses or downfalls I have, he’s there.

Other times, it’s up to you to decide how strong you can really be. Think of all of the great things you’ve accomplished. Even if it hasn’t been your day, month, or year, there’s got to be something. Earlier this year I felt like giving up. Facing unemployment or unhappiness in the workplace takes a serious toll on so many things in your life that others don’t always realise. However, once I began to believe in myself and that the right job for me would come along, it’s one of the biggest strengths I’ve ever had.

And then we have our strong side to show…

March was when it all began to crumble. I began to feel worthless but ever since May this year something changed me as a person and my attitude to everything. Seven months later, I can say that I feel like I’m moving forward. All of your past experiences and choices make you who you are today and I’m proud of where I am. Securing a new permanent position was my most-needed goal for 2017. I’m happy, I’m respected, and growing up has become a whole lot more real. And it’s probably going to become surreal when more goals for the future are accomplished.

Take moving out for example, that was my most-wanted goal for 2017. Although me and Danny haven’t yet got our own place, we understand now that we are on a better path in getting there. Saving is under way and we keep imagining what our lives will be like together in our own home. We have more of an understanding of what it takes to meet that goal and are giving ourselves as much time as it needs in order to happen. That’s another key strength of mine that I like to have – patience.

It’s all down to you, just remember that we all have strengths and weaknesses.

I think it can take a lot of persistence, patience, and believing in yourself to get through any kind of year. Remember that you can dream big but you can’t have it all. You might see that some people do ‘have it all’ but you start to realise what’s important in your life. And your life is what matters the most. No matter what your strengths and weaknesses are, you can make things happen.

How to Discover a Better Version of Yourself

Being a better version of yourself doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. It’s simply about being you and wanting to work on yourself.

Let go of all the negative energy

Okay, so, you might still have a little bit of self-doubt in that mind of yours but as long as you’re filling it with more positive energy, you’re doing much better than before. You don’t always know if what you’re going to try out is going to work or take you anywhere, but it’s much better to try and give it all the optimism you’ve got to try to enjoy the journey as best as you can.

Negative thoughts equal on the most part, a very unhappy life. Not only are you damaging your mind but you’re damaging the true version of you that deserves to be happy. Whether you’re poor or rich, small or tall, you’ve got the biggest power of all – leading your happiness onto a bigger and better path.

Smile more

Get rid of the fake smile hiding behind closed doors. Show people your real smile, even if it’s just a little bit more than usual. I prefer a smiley me much more than the ‘down in the dumps, can’t be bothered’ kind of me. That’s because when I smile more, I actually am feeling happier. It really can be the little things that can make such a huge difference.

When I used to worry, I would put it all on myself rather than the people who I was around. Remember that others aren’t always going to see what you see. Sometimes you’re wrong and sometimes you’re right. I’ve learnt that life sure does feel better the more you smile. That’s something I must have got right – people know me for being smiley.

Don’t let go of all your hopes and dreams

I am a big believer in that, having something to look forward to, to fight for, and to be ambitious about, gives life a greater meaning. Dream big, eat the cake, and laugh at the silliest things. While you’re doing all of that, stand up tall (or small if you’re like me) and be proud. Something which I’ve always taken from my mum, hold your head up high.

Sometimes, we feel like we are falling down a huge dark hole or like we are going nowhere at all. It’s going to be like that at times. All the more reason to give life all you’ve got. Crying doesn’t make you weak when you feel like you’ve got the world on your shoulders. But you can show them tears that you are capable of something.

A better road to happiness

Look at me, 23-years-old, in a job I love, have the man I’ll always love, and love the life I live. Life has taken me on many adventures, to Disneyland in Paris, to a time where I didn’t believe everything was going to be okay.

This time last year, I wasn’t sure where I was going to be, I probably stressed the most I’ve ever stressed, and became pretty low. I still wanted to reinforce others to believe in themselves. I had to believe in myself first, and that’s exactly what I did.

The place where I am today feels safe and it feels right. We all experience hurt, mistakes, and wonder what if.

You’ll come to a realisation where you see the importance of looking at the now and towards the future in a more positive light. I’ve seen that something good can come out of something bad. New turns can often make the best decisions. And I’ve actually started to recognise more things about myself.

Why don’t you be true to yourself and discover a better version of yourself?

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Things to Remember When Starting a New Job

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Recruitment Revolution.

Your first job, your next job (or just ‘a job’), this could be the beginning of something great. Starting a new job is scary. Whether you become newly employed in a different workplace to pay the bills or to dream bigger, there are important things you should remember. A lot of us have worked hard to get where we are today.

Recruitment Revolution take your talent and place you with the best employed suited for you and your skills. Since 2005 they’ve helped their clients expand their teams and increased their brand recognition.

Charlotte from Recruitment Revolution recommends:

Although it may seem obvious and somewhat tedious to suggest, our employers are looking for the soft skills that make a candidate a fit for their company. Punctuality, friendliness and an ability to get on with others are more important that many think. It’s certainly not all about qualifications and academics – which is a common misconception we come across.

Additionally, we wrote a piece about this very topic recently on our own blog based on some research that revealed 70% of us are looking to make a strong first impression in our new jobs. And while we love that we’re so keen to please, with this resolve lasting as little as one week for some. Actions such as taking on additional work outside of our remit in order to impress can quickly lead to workplace stress and burnout – which is a huge problem for UK workers.

So our advice when starting a new job is to have the confidence to simply be yourself and know that the “everyday” you is more than enough to keep your new boss delighted with your performance!

You don’t have to grasp everything straight away

Whether it’s your first day, week, or month, you’re new to the team. You’re being trained, adapting to a new working environment, and learning new knowledge and skills. Even over years, we learn something new, so take things in your stride and do the best that you possibly can. Do remember to listen and be attentive to what you’re being told.

Don’t be frightened to share your ideas

Some people prefer not to share their ideas until they are longer into their role. But it’s okay if you would like to contribute ideas in team meetings or just on a 1-1 level with your manager. I’ve learnt that sometimes suggestions can be an idea worth thinking about. Even if they aren’t, you’re still allowed to have your voice where it’s appropriate.

Make use of that notepad

That notebook is your best friend at this moment in time. Even though we are able to store notes on our tablets, and other devices, notepads are definitely an essential. Whether it’s passwords, how to, or dates to remember, they’re always great for storing information. Especially if you are travelling to a different site or looking back on notes from meetings.

Get organised – it’s a great key trait to have in any job

Organise yourself. Understand your hours, appointments, or events that are coming up. Become familiar with your calendar system online and offline. Start to understand the organisation chart and getting to know other members of staff. Pay attention and take all of the advice and information you are given from day one. Have a system – what goes where? Maybe you like to have a colour coded system. We all have our own ways.

Ask as many questions as you need to

Would you rather sit there booking up the confidence to ask a question to know how to do something/learn about what something is all about or find out and feel more engaged with what you’re working on?

From someone who used to be really anxious about starting a new job, I am more than happy to give more advice. Remember, just ask!

Why You Should Keep Going

Let’s keep going. For the Lent period, I decided to give up chocolate. For those who now me well will know I’ll fly through this because I carried it on for three years on a previous lent period. But that’s another story. Another thing I’ve decided to do is to not eat out, including take-away deliveries to the house.

Keep going

I have to admit, the past week I’ve been slacking on my training for the 10k Great Manchester Run. I’ve felt so unmotivated to activate myself into workout mode.

I need to let obstacles be opportunities to fight harder and become stronger. I think there’s always room for improvement. For me it’s about pushing myself further. As gloomy as some weeks can be, I believe there’s always something to be inspired by.

During an awards evening at work this week, one speaker said that it isn’t about finding the right employee but finding the best employer for you. I think there’s so much pressure in this world when it comes to finding a new job. But sometimes we know it’s the right thing we need to do in order to grow and find ourselves.

You’re going somewhere good

I imagine the day I’m in a role where I know that I am onto something. I know I’m on the right track. But I also know there’s something better down that track.

The amount of times people say ‘you need to find something permanent’ becomes quite frustrating. I obviously know that if I want to build a life of my own and move into a new home with my boyfriend. But we both know what we want. It’s about us and nobody else. Finding these things can be difficult but we won’t give up. We are the kind of people who will make do with certain situations.

It can make you feel better when people try to understand that we live in a competitive world. Especially when it comes to the employment journey. No matter what experience you’ve got, you’re not going to be assigned to that new role unless you can show why you stand out.

You’re doing your best in your own time

Just because you’ve only been in a position for a small period of time, does not mean to say that you haven’t had an adequate amount of time to realise how it’s working for you. Likewise, it does not mean to say that you’ve grown any less than someone would have in a year’s time or more.

We should all be able to do things at our own pace, with our own minds and beliefs to guide us along. Here’s to giving it all I’ve got and hopingfor the best in the future. Are you going to work on this ‘keep going’ motivation too?

The Reasons Why You Should Always Be Yourself

I’d like to share the reasons why you should be yourself in this post. You can go through life having a worrying overhaul of thoughts. I have feared multiple of things from the thought of drowning under the waves in the sea, to doing something wrong in the workplace. But the biggest thing I fear is not being the best I can be for someone. You can learn that when you embrace yourself you become the real you.