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Stick to Being Happy Rather Than Wondering

stick to being happy rather than wondering

Sitting here wondering what to write when deep down you’ve had an idea of something you’ve been thinking about writing. You hear the sentences through your head on your way home from work. But getting to grips with how to put it all together is another story. So here goes. This is going to be …


3 of My Favourite Things from the Last Year

man and woman silhouette in sunset with header text

On St George’s Day, 23rd April 2018, I’ll be turning 24-years-old. Since my birthday is approaching, I wanted to take a look at my favourite things I’ve learnt and discovered during life as a 23-year-old. The last year has been of my best yet but also brought lots of challenges too. I think I look …


What Missing You Really Means To Me

meaning of missing you

Are you missing anyone right now? There are people who’ll come and go in your life. You’ll think you miss them. But when it comes down it, you’re not really missing them. Perhaps, you need to focus on something else or it’s the simple fact that, you use the phrase too loosely. As you get …


5 Things I’m Excited to Welcome into the New Year of 2018

excited for 2018 header

Here we are again, another brand new year to welcome us into the unknown. Will Alicia Keys tour in the UK, who knows?! Will I stop eating pasta and all those carbs? Probably not, don’t be silly! But as I mentioned in my blog post prior to this one, I do aim to get back …


October Weekend Edition: What’s New?

October weekend header

I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. It’s Sunday already. These weekends just go quicker and quicker. I’ve been up to quite a bit this weekend and that’s what I am going to share with you all in this post. Never mind the weekends flying by, the years start to fly by too. It …


Releasing a Better Feeling in Blogging

blogging feeling header

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. The main thought that has crossed my mind is my reason for blogging. Every blogger has their reason. I wonder why I put so much pressure on myself. I blog because it’s something I love. Like I’ve said before, it’s therapeutic for …


Cemetery Visits Shouldn’t Make You Sad – 3 Reasons Why

cemetery visits

When I was 7-years-old the thought of going to a cemetery scared me. Just like when I used to have my grandparents appear in my dreams, it would scare me, when really it should comfort me as a sign that they are looking over me.


When You Feel like You’re in the Sunshine No Matter How Much Rain There Is


Are you happy being you? Looking back I am not ashamed to say that I was a girl who was a lot more insecure and gullible than I am now. I didn’t know how to be the most fun teen around – just like now, my friends always seem to have these exciting lifestyles, and …


Vote For Natasha Bolger Media in the UK Blog Awards

uk blog awards

I am delighted to tell you all that my blog has been nominated for the UK Blog Awards 2017 in the Lifestyle category. With your support and the amazing support I have received so far, I am in with the chance of being shortlisted as a finalist. God loves a trier right? I can only hope.


My Favourite Bands of the Nineties and Noughties

bands in the nineties and noughties

Nowadays, I can’t really say that I have favourite bands. For me, there’s no one around like the good old bands there used to be when I was growing up. I can still listen to these bands and sing away just like I’m a child all over again. Let’s reminisce, starting with the best girl …


A Year Goes By And I Miss You Even More – With Daniel Guy

missing you

Please note this was written on 8 November 2016 before being published. A year ago today, Daniel lost his beautiful nana, as she joined heaven to be with his grandad. Others who are missing their nana will be able to relate to this post.


One of the Last Memories We All Shared Together | Bonfire Night Then and Now

bonfire night memories

Yesterday, my brothers and I spent Bonfire Night together. The last time we were all together in the same place was sixteen years ago with our grandparents. And 5 November 2015 was the day that we last seen Daniel’s nana.