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34 Reasons Why Our Relationship Works

relationship thoughts

Earlier this week I asked you what your favourite thing is about your relationship. On a funny to serious level, the answers ranged from having someone to moan at, to their partner knowing the worst things about things about them and still loving them.


4 Things You Can’t Force into Your Life

forcing things into life

It is both essential and mindful to consider the following four things that you cannot force into your life. Sometimes we need to take a step back, relax, and realise what’s in front of us. It can be a tendency for some people to lose their trade of thought, their personality and their pure image.


Scars Are Not Scary. They Are Special.


Seven months ago I wrote a post about my learning experiences of my twenty-one year old self. Now that I turned twenty-two four months ago, I thought that a follow-up post was well overdue. This is all about why scars are special. I am currently as happy I was those months ago. I am proud …


7 Questions to Myself about My Relationship


Think about your current relationship. What were your first impressions when meeting your partner? Danny was in the year above me at the same primary school. We did not know each other inside out as we do now. But my first impressions were, he’s the boy I can never have. It was not until before …