Why Small Gestures Really Do Help

Small gestures help me to get through a lot of things. I’ve been worrying again. Mostly about the little things in the future.

The thoughts

Sometimes, I’ve feel like the less important person – the outcast. There have been times where I’ve been proven wrong. And if it wasn’t for my mum, a couple of moments ago, I probably wouldn’t have opened my perspective on this occasion.

I went downstairs into the kitchen to get a drink and she said to me,

“You look like you’ve been crying or you’re just really tired. You’ve got bags under your eyes.”

She keeps saying this to me recently and although I was upset the other day without anyone knowing, I hadn’t been crying today. I took a deep breath and stepped outside. It’s amazing what a bit of fresh air can do.

When I was in the kitchen, mum assured me that I shouldn’t be worrying about anything. And that no matter how it seems, she isn’t annoyed with me. She turned to me and said I might not say it often enough but…

It’s me and you together, forever.

A small gesture goes a long way

This is the most heartfelt experience of today. A small token of love which carries a lot of significance.

It just goes to show you how far a little communication from the person who you need the most in that moment, can help a great deal.

My mum will tell me she loves me all the time. She’ll give me hugs and kisses. She’ll tell me how proud she is of me and she’ll sometimes talk a little too much giving me a lot of compliments at once. But I know that with each and every action, she wishes she still had her mum doing and saying the same things to her.

That’s what I’m here for though. I always want my mum to feel loved.

Hugs can be so comforting

No matter how old I am, I’ll always love giving my mum a big cuddle. A mum should never feel like second best because they are the first person you spend a relationship with before you’re born.

We might be a pain in each other’s bum but we know how much we love each other. I might get frustrated at times but that’s my mum and you’re not allowed to be disrespectful or nasty to her.

My mum knows how it feels to have your heart ripped out. She’s lost her daughter, mother, and father amongst other family members. She’s so strong.

As much as some people believe that time heals – I don’t think it always heals. Though I do believe with a lot of love from your friends and family, you can begin to live again.

So at the moments where I feel the weakest, I try to think about the toughest situations that my loved ones have got through. I realise that their hurt or struggle was much more than mine. There’s always an opportunity to recover your own happiness that you deserve.

Childhood memories on the park

But my dad has taken me to so many parks because I’ve always loved the swings. He has shown me the practical side of life, and as traditional as parents can be in some way or another, he has shown me what it’s like to have experienced life growing up when he did. He hasn’t said it directly in words, but I’ve gathered my own thoughts about it.

Similarly, I’ve happy to have my mum in my life as the woman who I am closest to. She had her stomach cut open for me to be able to enter this world amongst lots of other kind of pain.

You should never take your mum and dad for granted. Whoever you see as a mum and dad to you, whether it’s your biological parents, or someone who has looked after you like no one else has, show them how much you love them today.

Even if they have frustrated you on a few occasions, remember what they see in you. And you will begin to realise that sometimes you don’t need to worry at all.

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