Living Together Creates a Whole New World of Happiness

For us living together isn’t all arguments that some people make it out to be. In all honesty, we just don’t argue, it’s not us. If we feel an atmosphere we either talk it through if there’s an issue or we wonder what we’re actually doing and hug it out. Little nags here and there is all normal but it means absolutely nothing when living together is the best thing in the world. 

A brand new house all to ourselves

We have never felt happiness like it. You think the amount of years you’ve spent together, the travels, adventures, endless amounts of laughter is as good as it gets. But there’s so much more. Living together opens a whole new world. I don’t think I could ever get bored of eating together, waking up to each other and spending more time together.

It doesn’t have to be all of the stress that people make it out to be. Sure, there are times that’ll test you if something doesn’t work or something isn’t how you expected to look or be. But guess what? You get through it together. Laugh it off or for the more serious stuff, tell each other that it’ll get sorted because you’ve got this! Them kind of moments take patience and keeping the motivation that everything will and is coming together.

The money side of having our own home hasn’t once made us panic. We’re very sensible when it comes to bills and putting our priorities in order. That being said, we also now how important it is to ‘live’ – not only to survive but to enjoy life. Being so strict with our savings and staying organised helped us a great deal. We loved working through everything together from the buying process to moving and purchasing decor for our new home. It all seemed so easy because we did it together. The best things in life take time and this has definitely been the best and biggest yet.

Neither of us have ever wanted anything more or wanted so long

But that’s me and Danny, we never rush into anything. We built our relationship from friendship to love, learning to know each other in all kind of ways. Watching each other grow and achieving this milestone is just more amazing than words can describe.

On a personal level, I feel like a weight has been taken off my shoulders. I always had a big bundle of worry as you might have noticed if you’ve seen some of my other blog posts. But now, I’m a new person. Maybe my confidence will improve to? I hope so. 

Living together has opened my eyes to finally believe that, having each other is all that matters. Nothing else, no opinions need to get in the way.

Living together brings you even closer

Every hug, small or big gesture towards the other – it means everything. You value it all. Leaving the odd sock on the floor really doesn’t matter when it means you’re in each other’s company a whole lot more. Oh and it’s a bonus that the sunset views at night are so nice!

This is everything and more than we’ve ever dreamed of. Does it get any better?

The Best Places to Shop for Your New Home

Moving into your new home is an exciting time but it can also be stressful, especially if you’re not organised. To help make the process a little easy, in this blog post you’ll find some places to go to when completing your new home. It doesn’t list every item as you would be here all day so I’ve kept them to a minimum… of some kind.

Choosing the right flooring and blinds for our new home

When searching for flooring and blinds we found quite a few local companies. We invited each one round to provide us with a quote. We went with the best offer as well as the quality of their products from samples, photos and reviews.

Lightoak Blinds did an amazing job on our 50mm faux wooden blinds around the whole house. From the quoting process to fitting our faux wooden blinds, Josh and James were very helpful. We had the blinds fitted on all the windows in our home and the finished look is so modern and fresh. Highly recommend for their excellent standard.

faux wooden blinds by the kitchen sink

First Step Carpets and Flooring fitted our laminate flooring, vinyl and carpets. Not only were they the best quote but they also had a very quick turnaround. Within a couple of days our whole house was complete. We love our ‘Hong Kong’ style of carpet our stairs and the ‘Magnolia’ style laminate flooring.

Finding the right furniture to complete your new home

tv bench with three drawers with frosted glass

In Ikea we purchased a mirrored door wardrobe for the main bedroom, a TV bench (only £95) for the living room and a lovely set of grey tables for the middle room (only £25). When looking for trivets to place in the kitchen, Ikea came up the cheapest starting from £1.50 for square and £3 for the large one.

dining table with fruit bowl and coasters

We fell in love with the Jefferson Bench Set from Next. It fits perfectly in our dining room   and also goes well with our wooden work top in the kitchen. The only thing we need now to complete the dining room is a light fitting. We’ve seen a nice light fitting feature on Amazon that will probably go with.

The small touches are always a must

Poundland are seriously underrated. The amount of things we purchased from there has surprised many people. We got the odd cooking utensil from here but the best surprises have been the beige vase that have in the downstairs toilet and a set of  small square dishes for dips.

If you’re waiting for your couch to be delivered, Argos sell large bean bags for only £29.99 each! We got them in grey so they could end up in any room in the house and still match the interior. Also, they sell a range of clothing rails if you’re stuck for space when finding the right wardrobe for another bedroom.

You can never complain with Primark. We got a lovely grey, white and mustard striped king size bedding for only. £14, an artificial plant (which everyone thinks is real) and a throw reduced to £5! Oh and how could I forget, Winnie the Pooh kitchen towels!

Home Bargains have everything don’t they? What’s better is that my mum works there so  she was always seeing useful items to pick up for us. The store sells Jane Asher containers which we use for tea, coffee and sugar. The wood and white colours contrast well with our kitchen. Home Bargains also have a range of nice storage baskets. We purchased a couple to go in our living room to place throws in.

B&M was great for chrome toilet roll holders. Their ‘Toilet Roll Holder & Storage Caddy‘ were a handy purchase as we have 3 toilets in the house! Also, we bought a lovely sparkly cream rug adds to the cosy effect in the middle bedroom.

When shopping at The Range we spotted a double white wooden with glass doors cabinet for our living room among many other items including a chrome bar towel holder for the bathroom and a small towel rail for the downstairs toilet.

The necessities

Home bargains again! They always have the best cleaning products in store, laundry basket, bath mats, cloakroom style hanger for coats and jackets under the stairs, kitchen utensils etc.

In Aldi we purchased a Slumberdown king size mattress protector and a grey kitchen sink bowl which is the perfect size. We got our spices for the spice rack in our kitchen which was a gift to us. I know this isn’t a necessity but it’s kind of pointless without the spices right? A little top here – use the stickers from the top of the jars to place on the ones that come with the spice rack so you know which one’s which.

I hope you have found some useful information on this page when moving into your new home.