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What Missing You Really Means To Me

meaning of missing you

Have you told anyone “I’m missing you” recently? There are people who’ll come and go in your life. You’ll think you miss them. But when it comes down it, you’re not really missing them. Perhaps, you need to focus on something else or it’s the simple fact that, you use the phrase too loosely. As …


Baby Loss Awareness Week

baby loss awareness week header

During 9-15 October 2017, people are raising awareness about baby loss. Some of you may have seen last year’s post that I dedicated to this awareness day. Others will have also seen a personal story about my mum’s experience with baby loss. Parenthood is a dream for some, while it isn’t always expected for others. …


5 Things to Remember in Times of Worry


We all experience times of worry. Even the people who you wouldn’t expect to, worry at least once in their lives. Some of us know the feeling too well. Tomorrow is a new day What happens today doesn’t have to be brought into tomorrow. But if it does you can beat it. Look back and …