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3 Reasons Why I’m Taking Part in Dechox

why I'm taking part in dechox

That’s right, Dechox, a detox from chocolate. The British Heart Foundation are running this campaign with the aim to get people to give up chocolate for the whole of March. To all of you 20,000 dechoxers, think about all the chocolate you can indulge in once it hits Easter Sunday on 1st April. I have …


My First Experience of The Great Manchester Run (And Any 10K Run)

great manchester run

Sunday 28 May is a day that seemed so far away since the day I registered for the Great Manchester Run. Training for the Great Manchester Run We began to train at the gym on the treadmill and developing other fitness. We decided that we needed to train for the Great Manchester Run outside rather …


A Run in the Park Training for the British Heart Foundation


Running is good for you. This morning I woke up and felt ready to take on a Sunday morning run in the park. The only thing was, when I began to run, I started to have a lot of self-doubt. I kept telling myself and my boyfriend that I can’t do it and I’m not …


Why Am I Running for the British Heart Foundation?

running for BHF

The British Heart Foundation is an amazing charity. It’s helped savemany lives over the last 50 years. They fight for every heartbeat. That’s what I want to do. I want to fight harder for all of the lives that have been taken due to heart disease and other heart related conditions. Our mission is to win …