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Nightmares, Migraines and Beta-Blockers

migraines and beta-blockers

Google refers to a nightmare as a frightening or unpleasant dream. Dreams are supposed to be happy and full of colourful memories. Nightmares are the complete opposite. Propranolol medication Whether it’s my mind full of anxiety or the propranolol medication I am on I do not know. But I wish they would stop. There are …


The Reasons Why We Should Pay Attention to Anxiety

anxiety title with wooden puzzle pieces

Anxiety hits us all at some point in our lives. I explore other aspects of anxiety here. There are different types of anxiety disorders. Each can affect people both mentally and physically. Have you ever felt a constant sense of fear? Has this lead to difficulty with your concentration levels?


The Thoughts in the Mind of a Worrier


I am definitely a worrier but I hope to work on that. Have you asked yourself ‘what if’ too many times? I have. It is okay to admit that you’re guilty of this. You’ve spent too much time worrying – and most the time you wonder why you ever did. You are bound to have your …