Thursday 21st June marked the beginning of summer time in the UK. With that in mind I wanted to share some popular sensory toys that your children will love. It’s understandable how important sensory play is for children, especially those with disabilities and additional needs such as autism.

Duck pond

The duck pond by The Entertainer is only £5. It’s suitable for 2 children to play with from 3-years-old. The product comes with an inflatable pond, 2 large ducks, 2 small ducks, a fishing rod, and a timer. The aim is to hook as many ducks as you can while the timer is running.

Galt 6 finger paints

Available on Learning Space’s website, you can purchase this product for £5.99 (plus £4 delivery). This product helps children to develop their motor skills as they learn different colours and textures. Each pot of paint is 100ml which gives you child the chance to print their hands several times.

Kid Active Pop-Up Play Tent

This colourful pop-up tent is available to order with Smyths Toy Store. The great thing about this product is that it doesn’t need any poles. It folds away so it’s easy to store. And it’s ideal for children to want to take mini adventures in the garden.

Tobar Magic Sand

There’s something about sand that reminds me of the sand play in nursery. This underwater sand modelling kit includes a water tub, coloured sand, a funnel, sculpting tools, and plastic sea creatures. This is guaranteed to make sure your child has fun in the sun!

Did you know that Redbank House have 2 fabulous sensory rooms in Manchester? Click here to find out more information.

What sensory toys will you be purchasing for your children during summer?

2 replies on “5 Sensory Toys for Your Children to Use in the Sunshine

  1. We love the magic sand in our home too as it cleans up rather well, plus my kids suffer with sensitive skin so sometimes natural sand just being left about can irritate them a little!
    Love how cheap and cheerful the ideas are too! Fab post x

  2. That’s really good that you’ve found the perfect sand for your children to play with that doesn’t irritate their sensitive skin. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on this post. I’m glad you found it useful 🙂

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