Do you believe that a photo is worth a thousand words? Due to different perceptions, a photo can convey different meanings. What kind of reflection do you have? Maybe, memories of a wonderful occasion. To another it could remind them of a something negative. Photos give us a sense of realisation to reflect on.

Reflection through photos

There are many photos of myself that I really do not like – from ones of me in my childhood where my fringe looks terrible to ones from a couple/few years ago. But now, as much as I might dislike a photo, it’s the memory of the photo that counts. That’s what holds the most meaning to me. Who is in the photo? Have they been people who have stuck by me through the years? Has the person in this photo made an impact in my life?

I love to take funny photos, happy photos, I just love to collate memories. I have a memory book and several memory boxes. Stored in these are many memories from graduation, my baby years, primary school, high school prom, my best friend, boyfriend, and all of my family members. You’ll find something from a broken pebble, to a ticket, to a wallet of my grandad’s.

Childhood and happy times

My childhood is probably one of my biggest inspirations in life. Due to the actions of people around me, it’s helped me learn from right and wrong, gathering your independence, and making decisions. Sometimes, I will look at a photo and wish I was back in the moment but then I realise how far I’ve come up until the point and know that life has many more precious memories to add into my life.

When you’re on social media and you see old photos you are tagged in – you know the feeling – those ones where you think “Erm… untagged. Must remove all hideous photos of me.” Sometimes, it not all because of how I like, but because I didn’t like a version of myself or makes me recall a memory of a particular space or time that I’d rather not think about.

You can keep your favourite memories in your heart. You don’t have to make it all about the wrong decisions you made, or decisions you wish you would have made. Don’t look at what other people have and see what you don’t have. More often than not, there’s something you have which can mean so much more.

It would break my heart if I lost photos of my granny and grandad and they could never be replaced; the same goes for my parents and closest family members during significant moments in our lives.

Don’t do something to fit in with the crowd

There are times when I haven’t been surrounded by the best of people but I realise that it was probably by choice and now that I live for now and take each moment as it comes, I am definitely surrounded by the most important people in my life. I won’t associate myself with groups of people just to be in with the crowd. I think we all overcome that stage of life – or those times where we feel we need to be something more. Especially as right now, I just want to me. It’s so important to be you.

Even if you have people around you, you need to get through this life for you. You should embrace what life throws your way. The biggest challenges of all can shape you into the person you never thought you could be. You reach higher than your expected capabilities. You can surprise people. You can surprise yourself.

Remember that you’re the person who knows which memories are the most precious to you, regardless of what everybody else thinks. Also note to yourself, not every photo, like those ones which you think displays an ugly perception of yourself or something, has to tell your story.

Be true to yourself

Don’t let negativity illustrate your image. You need to be true to yourself. There have been occasions where I’ve fell in a backwards direction but as long as you don’t keep going back to the same space in time, you will find true happiness. Not that you didn’t already realise, but you will see it so much clearer.

I would be lying if I said I’ve never been foolish. Don’t let recklessness become you. You’re better than that. Looking back at photos, helps me take a great meaning from them. And you too will see just how much it can help you – to feel that someone is with you, to have something to smile about, you’ll find its significance to you.

I’ve looked in the mirror at myself before now and wondered why I’ve done some things. But there’s so much damage you can do to your mind.

Put your mistakes aside and start living life, knowing that you can be the person you want to be.

Here are a few significant people in my life who have helped me grow and realise that I can be myself rather than being like somebody else.

What are your thoughts?

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