Regular readers will know that I love to focus on the most positive and heart-warming experiences in life. However, on occasions my level of confidence goes down. It’s all due to the thoughts going around my mind. Have you ever wondered what’s really on someone’s mind?

Work on the negative experiences to strengthen your confidence

It’s important to keep positive and look towards the future. But it’s also okay to reflect on the negative things. People will find that they can find someone to confide in about personal matters. But sometimes people hold these emotions inside. As much as we should be open with other people before all things blow, it can be easier said than done.

For instance, you have that one person you can tell everything to but it’s still scares you. You’re worried about revealing something that you might think will change their perspective of you. You’re worried that when you open up about the things they might not have the same perception of you.

At times, I’ve lost my enthusiasm. I don’t have the energy to explain. Or I simply don’t want to explain. Though, I’ve learnt that some things are better out in the open.

When you let go of all those questions your confidence can rise

You can question everything in the world. There isn’t always an answer for everything. You could also ask that one person but they won’t always give you the answer that you’re looking for.

You can struggle to come to terms as to why someone reacts the way they do or perhaps you cannot understand why they can be so blind to the things that make you feel so low. Nobody is a mind reader. As much as a person can know you, they won’t always be able to read your mind. You wish it was easier.

I’m not sure if anyone understands how some things can upset me. The thing is, I am okay. I must be if I have learnt to juggle these memories in my head for so long. It’s just whether it comes to the point where my emotions explode, which is what I dread the most.

Try not to let silly moments ruin your confidence

We all have stupid moments. We’ve all questioned things that haven’t always needed to be questioned. However, if something really bothers you and you see a scenario in a different light then you’re bound to think about it. You have your own mind. You have the freedom to explore your own thoughts and insight of life. Is it acceptable for someone to see themselves as more worth than you? No, it certainly is not.

Someone will tell you that they love you so very much. You could be their world. You might wonder if they actually in two worlds. But you’ll know for sure when you’re their only one.

A person might have made you doubt this. As much as they have reassured you otherwise in front of other people, you’re confronted with a tough situation where no one sees what’s really happening. Even when all is out, you still look like the weakest one.

There has been a moment in my life where I thought I was about to lose someone. I hate how it was the result of one person. One single person. I don’t have any regrets on my actions because I had to release my emotions – confusion and upset.

Don’t let other people’s confidence lower your own confidence

I try to understand that each individual have relationships with different people – from a young age or recently new friendship. You try to come to terms with the idea that they shared more unforgettable memories with someone else. But all you can do is be you. And the most special memories will follow.

As happy as I am today, I still have things at the back of my mind which I don’t understand. It’s down to me to be able to control those thoughts. Each day is for you to make the most of life – being content. Some days will be harder than others.There are things upcoming in the future that I am scared of but I will take each moment as it comes.

What are your thoughts?

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