4 Things You Can’t Force into Your Life

forcing things into life

It is both essential and mindful to consider the following 4 things you can’t force into your life. Sometimes we need to take a step back, relax, and realise what’s in front of us. It can be a tendency for some people to lose their trade of thought, their personality and their pure image. I’ve …


27 Ways to Live in a World of Wisdom

world of wisdom

Wednesday wisdom tips was a popular post so I would like to share some more wisdom with you to add to your Wednesday. Be you Be the person you want to be rather than the person other people want to see. You’re stronger than you think You might not think you’ve got this, but you …


Why Scars Are More Special Than They Are Scary


Seven months ago I wrote a post about my learning experiences of my twenty-one year old self. Now that I turned twenty-two four months ago, I thought that a follow-up post was well overdue. This is all about why scars are special. I am currently as happy I was those months ago. I am proud …