3 Reasons to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

out of comfort zone

Does the thought of stepping out of your comfort zone scare you? Trying something new that you wouldn’t usually be comfortable with can surprise you. You might be able to open up a whole new world of possibilities. I believe that when we try something new and it has a positive effect. It leads to more …


Why You Should Learn to Love Yourself


You do deserve to love yourself and recognise your self-worth. Last night I sat down and was wondering what to write about for my next blog post. One topic that came to my mind was self-worth. Something that many of us don’t do enough of. And why? Perhaps they don’t see their inner or outer beauty; maybe …


My Top 3 Innovation Developments of Technology in 2017


Time definitively seems to go faster the older you get. There are many innovation developments to consider in the modern world we live in. The Innovation Company Just as the Innovation Company illustrates, innovation has grown increasingly over the past six decades in several areas. These include: consultancy, outsourcing, and leadership. I would like to …


My First Experience of The Great Manchester Run (And Any 10K Run)

great manchester run

Sunday 28 May is a day that seemed so far away since the day I registered for the Great Manchester Run. Training for the Great Manchester Run We began to train at the gym on the treadmill and developing other fitness. We decided that we needed to train for the Great Manchester Run outside rather …


The Simple Way to Hire Local Service Professionals is with Bidvine


With Bidvine you are able to search for the service you need and enter the postcode to see which services are available in that area. With your search, you’re able to answer a few questions so that the platform can filter the best services for your needs.