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With Bidvine you are able to search for the service you need and enter the postcode to see which services are available in that area. With your search, you’re able to answer a few questions so that the platform can filter the best services for your needs.


10 Years on and You’re Still My Inspiration

inspiration - grandad

For some people, today could have just been the same old ordinary day. I never forget what 21 May is. I think about the inspirations from our grandparents. My grandad and all the inspiration I take from him. I see 13-year-old me in high school. I see a girl eating her dinner and watching a member …


Taking You Through a New Week of Happiness


I’ve always known what contributes to my real happiness, my best friend, boyfriend, and family. They’re all my family. But there are other things that are important too – health and wellbeing especially. Stay positive and work hard – just like the candle has written on it that was bought for me as gift. Money was …


Missguided’s BABE POWER Exclusive Launch

babe power misguided

Missguided party the night away in celebration with Menagerie Manchester. The Fragrance Shop UK, and Vital Management join in for their exclusive launch of ‘BABE POWER’. It’s all about Babe Power! The fragrance is for women. It helps women to experience strength, confidence, and femininity. Per-Scent are also part of the big reveal. The exclusive product …