What’s New This November?

November what's new

Do you remember October’s catch up? Well, I’m back again to let you know what I’ve been up to since then for a November catch up. And more importantly because a blog post is long over due! Everyone’s getting into the Christmas spirit, feeling festive. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll have started your Christmas shopping.

My blood pressure is down, woohoo!

When I ask myself, what’s changed since October? The answer is probably ‘nothing much’ to be honest. Although a few positives things have happened, which is good. Remember I told you about having hypertension? Well, after several appointments, the doctor has finally managed to reduce it and it’s at a much healthier reading. It’s as if it never happened really. I am on some tablets, however it’s a small dose. Strangely enough, my mum is on the same ones. I don’t like the idea of relying on tablets but I’m hoping that it isn’t forever.

Another health related one is about sugar. I told you that I reduced the amount of sugar in my tea. I always had a sweet tooth and was used to have 2 teaspoons of sugar. But now, I’ve got it down to no sugars at all and I’m happy with that. It’s quite a shock really because I’ve always been such a big tea belly and now I tend to drink a lot less.

The same feelings and emotions

Hmmm… these haven’t really changed to be honest. I read a lot of posts prior to coming off the pill about how it has affected many young women’s emotions. For me, not taking it anymore was something that had to happen to protect my blood pressure and hormone imbalance. Since then, I’ve had the coil fitted. This was 2 weeks ago now and so far, so good! However, I am a little disappointed. I used to think that the pill caused my over emotion (or so it seemed to people on the outside). But maybe I’m always going to be a sensitive person. I still get upset and things that people don’t understand. But I did have this burst of positive energy in the first week. I’m hoping it’s going to be more that feeling than the one I’ve got right now.

Approaching the end of my probation at work

It goes without saying that this year has flown by. Christmas next month. It doesn’t really surprise me though because each year just gets quicker and quicker I think. Here’s to hoping that hear good news, that I’ll pass my probation period. Next week it’ll have been 6 months. It’s been a really enjoyable environment for me to work in, and I would love to explore more. Working where I am now definitely makes me feel much better in myself. You’re praised when you do something well, and people want you to achieve and learn even more.

So, we never fully know what a new day will bring. As we’re getting closer to December I would like to think that it will get better and better. Looking for the positive in everything and trying to be stronger where I’ve been weak is a goal for me.

Author: Natasha Bolger

Creator and content editor for Tasha Lifestyle from Salford in the UK. Discovering real life experiences with a mission to inspire at least one person with each post.

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