This evening, I thought that I would try something new. This being, an A-Z list of things I love. Let’s see if I am able to complete all of the letters. Here’s a list of some of my favourite things.

Achievements – achieving a goal if life is a worthwhile feeling. Attaining your greatest goal is even better. If you do not get where you want to be with one plan, try another. You’ll get there.

Brothers – from being little, I can remember my older brothers annoying me. They would mock something I said or try to wind me up. However, I know that they are always there for me. They have supported my choices and they have protected me.

Chocolate – yes, I stopped eating chocolate along with crisps and sweets for three years. But I would not want to be without it for that amount of time again.

Daniel – my best friend and my love forever. I am a happy person but with this man in my life, I really am at my happiest place.

Excitement – I get excited about a lot of things – holidays, special occasions, all things Disney etc. It is good to have something to feel excited about and to enjoy them as much as you can.

Family and Friends – I put the two together because some friends are like family. I love it when they are there for me and see the best in me.

Granny and Grandad – dearly missed and loved every day. I remember two of my dreams from last night with each of them making an appearance. I was 21 years old in the dream but I a lot of childhood memories were present. Sadly, I gave my granny a kiss then I woke up.

The other was, hearing a knock on the door and going outside. When I did, I seen a black cab (my grandad was a taxi driver before he stopped working). I slowly walk up to the car and look towards the driver’s seat.

It was him, my grandad, smiling back and asking me to get in. Again, when it come to the moment of getting closer, I woke up. This gave me the realisation that it was not real. However, it made me wonder, they must be looking down on me or showing me that they are still here for me.

Humour – without it I would probably die of boredom. Okay, not literally but still… I love comedy films, comedians and comedy shows. Something which is entertaining and has you laughing has to be a winner, right?

Inspirations – do you idolise anyone? I have found inspirations from people who are close to my heart as well as someone I have seen on television or walking down the street helping an old lady. You can always find inspiration from someone or something.

Jelly – …and ice cream? Yes, I’ll have some! You might laugh at this one. But I am being serious. I always remember being little and jumping up and down to hear the jelly inside my stomach. Yes, I was a weird child at times. I’ll admit I still do some of these kind of things.

Kindness – I have a lot of respect for kind-hearted people. From the littlest gestures, reaching to no particular amount, they are the people who keep me happy.

Laughing – Other than a very traumatic time, I don’t know if I have spent the day without laughing at least once. I am known to get hyper at the most random times. It’s fun.

Motivation – being driven to do something and having the will to complete a task is fulfilling. There are times where I think to myself “I really cannot be bothered” but in the end, you’ll know it’s worthwhile.

New York – without a doubt, my favourite city on earth. No, I have not travelled the world, although, I just love this place. I visited this beautiful city in year 10 of high school and I have wanted to return ever since. I will one day. It’s one of my dreams.

Opportunities – take them as they come. If you don’t like them, then you always know that you gave it a try. You never know what can come your way. To me, the more opportunities you take, the more places you will go in the future.

Parents – my mum and dad. They are very special to me and seen me grow and mature into the young woman who I am today.

Quizzes – sometimes, I don’t even know the answers but they are still fun.

Romance – ah yes. There’s nothing more heart feeling than a romantic gesture. Daniel knows the little things that make me smile, especially when I’m feeling my worst.

Smiling – if you smile, maybe others will around you, maybe they won’t. Your happiness is important. Start with a smile and see where it takes you.

Tropical things – most of you already know it. Pineapple everything – juice, cocktails, ham and pineapple pizza etc. I even have a pineapple phone case.

Umbrellas – for the simple fact that, they save me from the rain. When it is not windy at the same time that is.

Values – no, I don’t mean money worth. Everyone has their own individual values and I am beginning to realise exactly what mine are. I also like to think about what/who is valuable to me.

Writing – exactly what I’m doing right now. It expresses how I feel and more importantly, the freedom of choosing what you want to write about is great.

X-ray vision – I’m kidding of course. I wish I had this gift though.

Yoghurts – especially the fruity ones. Strawberry, apricot and cherry are my favourites.

Zoological gardens – I love seeing animals, especially ones that I have never seen before. Even better when there is a dolphin show available by the way. Just like Tenerife and Barcelona.

I did it. It turns out that, there were actually more words in my head for some letters. However, I just included the ones which were more related to myself. Now, why don’t you try to create one of your own? You can choose whichever category you like – as broad or as specific as you would like it to be. Look at mine, some are more serious than others. That’s okay, it is good to have a balance of serious and not so serious.

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