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Thank you to those who have nominated me in the JustGiving Awards. Today I received an email to say well done for having someone nominate me which then encouraged me to share the link with others. Since doing so I have had several friends and family members place their vote for me.

Thank you for recognising me

Me? I am so happy that people think I deserve this.

Last month I shared a post about my history of fundraising and what it means to me. If you haven’t seen it you can view it here.

This year has been all about the British Heart Foundation (BHF). My aim hasn’t been to raise as much money as possible, while that is an important aspect. I have been focusing more on the engagement with the charity, sharing several blogs and awareness posts via social media. The BHF are a charity which are extra special to me because they fight against coronary heart disease, my grandad’s killer.

JustGiving and British Heart Foundation

Fundraising for the BHF has challenged me now more than ever. I regularly donate clothes and furniture but it was time for something new, something bigger, something I had never done before.

I faced the Great Manchester Run 2017. Me running? Yeah you might have laughed and so did I, but guess who completed it? I did! I felt so proud of myself and it was definitely the right decision to accomplish a greater challenge because it gave me a sense of fulfilment.

Every time my heart beat increased, faster and faster the more I ran, I felt the power inside me encouraging me to complete the full run. Each time I stopped for a breather, I looked up and thought ‘Grandad, it’s a good job this is for you’. It was also for all of the people who have had any heart related conditions.

I simply wanted to give something back to someone who had the biggest heart. A heart full of love and generosity. My fundraising for BHF is for all the hearts who stopped beating too soon. I might not have raised an amazing amount of money but I fight for everything I can when it comes to this charity. I try to do as much as I can.

JustGiving always helps to make amazing things happen.

I would also like to wish my granny a big happy birthday, I hope heaven is giving you the special day you deserve. I’m sure grandad will make it a party like he always did.

There’s still time to vote. If you would like to vote for me please enter natasha-bolger23 on this link. If you choose to share on social media, you can tag @JustGiving and use #JGawards.

Thank you.

Author: Natasha Bolger

Creator and content editor for Tasha Lifestyle from Salford in the UK. Discovering real life experiences with a mission to inspire at least one person with each post.

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