Today, this blog post is especially dedicated to one of my favourite men in the whole world. This being my grandad. He’s the most generous and selfless man I’ll ever know. He taught me to never stop believing and always try my best to meet my goals in life.

I’ll never forget his last words to me. Within the past five days, it has been my granny’s birthday, my grandad’s birthday and my granny and grandad’s wedding anniversary. Grandad always shown me that the love from your family is the most important thing to cherish in life. Especially when it comes to occasions where your family have such pride and faith in you.

Grandad finally has something in memory of him

The reason why I focus this post on my grandad today is because I have finally done something. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while. And this is having grandad’s own little plot beside his and granny’s stone. One thing I respect most about my grandad is that he always put everyone else’s happiness first. He didn’t hesitate about the consequences, money, or the thoughts of other people. He just did it. Without having my grandad in my life I wouldn’t have had such valuable memories. Things such as: yearly trips to Blackpool, Southport, taking my brothers and me to the circus, and making sure we were always happy.

With Blackpool in particular, I’ll never forget one year. Granny and grandad had booked train tickets and a hotel to Blackpool just because my parents were going there the same evening without us! Although he did many big things, the little ones are just as precious. Since being born prematurely, my grandad created memories through photos and videos.

Turning all those mini tapes into DVDs

In particularly, a few months ago, I had some tapes developed to DVDs, which hold many, many memories such as my Christening, school plays, Holy Communion and first birthday. He even had the background track as Dumbo in my Christening video because it is one of my favourite Disney films. Sadly, my granddad’s face does not appear in them so often but I hear his voice and I know that he would never take the camera of his grandchildren because he adored the three of us so much. I could not list every single memory but they’ll always be in mind forever.

Growing up, I began to realise that once granny died but never left our hearts, it was not easy for my grandad but we all stuck together and he still did all of the things he wanted to do. Devastatingly, the day come where he had passed away, which was the day before one of my brother’s GCSE exams.

He’s helped our memories live forever

It was one of the most difficult and heart aching moments I have ever had. I know that my grandad deserves this plot I got for him and more for the amazing and loving man that he was. He would have done the same for any of us. Those words, I love you millions, will stay in my heart forever, grandad.

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