Let’s talk about mental and emotional growth. Most men stop growing when they are twenty-one years old. Whereas others can be growing until they reach twenty-five in exceptional circumstances. If we consider that women usually stop growing at the average age of sixteen to eighteen, how do we question the maturity of each?

Growth – it’s always happening to us

The truth is, the growth of a woman or a man in terms of their height and physical features do not determine the real growth of a person. We grow each day from the moment we are conceived.

As our bodies develop, we feel more emotions. Whilst we grow, our bodies also react to the bigger insights of life that we wish we did not have to see and those moments which light up our world. With such wonderful occasions, we are thankful for the people and things that we have in our lives. I believe that the true growth of person is when you see a real change. This is when you see girl who is now a woman. Or a boy who is now a man.

This isn’t because they have body hair, notice a difference in their voice, or ‘hormonal’ mood swings. You tackle challenges and learn different ways to deal with the worst outcomes.

Negative experiences can help you to grow

I do not think we have truly grown until we experience at least one negative experience. For some people, it takes them more than one bad thing to knock them down. We should not let things knock us down but life can try so damn hard to at times.

Even when you think you at your lowest, there is always a way to get back up again. Our minds are strong. Think of all of the knowledge they store amongst our many emotions. It would be a shame to waste the real maturity inside of you.

Additionally, I believe we grow every day. I learn something every day just like any of you possibly do. I am still surrounded by people who do not know the right decision to make, parents, friends, young and old relatives. Just like myself. But it is how we take these experiences and build upon them in the future in order to how we can reach potential goals or make an improvement on something next time.

When you grow mentally, you stop beating yourself up

Even if there is not the chance to do something over again, you still know how you would like to have done it, right? If how you chose to do it is not the worst thing in the world, then do not beat yourself up about it. There is no point whatsoever.

Take each day as it comes. Even if you had what you think was the worst possible morning ever. Or whether you had the most awful evening. Better things can, and will, come your way. After my stress of getting ready this morning I took a moment afterwards to realise that I needed to relax and just get on with my day. Anyway, let’s blame that on the early morning and struggle to sleep last night.

I am surrounded by friends and family who wish the biggest things in life for me but they also know I happily enjoy the little things. Be the person whose personality you would like to see blossom through everything that you do.

What are your thoughts?

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