Remember I mentioned those things that you don’t have to wait until after graduation to do? Today, I graduated with all of my friends and family around me. The most important thing for me was to see the happiness from my family and friends for me to know just how proud they are of me.

Also, it gave me a feeling, where I have accomplished something great in life. Not only a degree, but something which I’ve stuck with and dealt with challenges. This being through good times and bad times. One speech from the ceremony today was to inspire our futures. He said that, graduates have a higher possibility of employment and higher salaries.

The moment we’ve been waiting for!

This isn’t always as true for some. Just like myself. I have people around me who have graduated who have put all of their hard work and dedication into university but are struggling to get their dream job at the end of it. Of course, we all have to start somewhere, even if it is at the bottom, but knowing I’ve had seven interviews so far and none of these companies have wanted to employ me proves that it takes more effort than others think.

I am content with my achievements and I know that I can carry on pursuing my goals. In fact, as soon as your name is called up on stage, you know from that moment that you have successfully completed a chapter of your life. For those who are thinking about attending university in the future, you need to think about whether you are going to choose a path, which you are dedicated to and passionate about – not a course that ‘looks good and easy’ because you will never overcome challenges and confidence, which you never knew you had.

Three years later, I’m a graduate!

Three years ago, the thought of graduation and all of the work leading up to this point terrified me. I always wondered whether I would be happy at the end of the degree. And my answer is yes. I made it and I am the first to graduate and even attend university amongst my siblings.

I made the extra step, regardless of my level of knowledge or not being as clever as anybody else because I wanted to be independent and follow my own path.

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