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Nikon camera and Starbucks hot chocolate February weekend

February, the month where people look forward to Valentine’s Day. Or the month where people hate the thought of Valentine’s Day approaching. But as that’s happened, I wanted to bring you February’s weekend edition of what’s been happening with me. Last month, I told you about a television show that me and Danny went to see, What Would Your Kid Do? We missed the first episode aired on TV with our travels from Dublin.

So, we thought we would start to watch it the week after. Well, it turns out that, the first episode was the one where we were in the audience. I’m kind of glad in a way because I probably wouldn’t have wanted other people to spot us! If you didn’t hear about mine and Danny’s trip to Dublin at the beginning of the month, you can read all about it here.

I’ve got to the point where I’m wondering how I’m going to fill this post with 3 things like I usually do for the weekend edition monthly posts. Maybe its because we feel almost bankrupt after Dublin. Okay exaggerating a little there. But it’s close!

Living for the weekend

Sometimes, weekends just don’t feel fun anymore. Then you remember that you’re an adult. And sometimes, doing nothing, is the best thing to do. Take today for instance, I woke up at 7.30am. I eventually got washed and dressed and came home from my boyfriend’s around 10.00am. I always seem to want to get up and get things done. When I got through the door, I headed straight to my room to polish my unit and tv and put fresh bedding on my bed. Doesn’t fresh bedding just make everything better?!

Then I thought to myself, what now? Some days you need to realise that relaxing and enjoying some time to yourself is important. I’m currently writing this post after a nice hot bath. Having made the decision to get into my pyjamas, I took to my Mac, put my headphones in and started to blog.

There’s more to come after February

February has a few birthday months in it for my family. It’s Danny’s sister’s (Katie) on 17th, my mum’s on 19th and Danny’s cousin’s (Ellie) on 25th. It was lovely to visit Katie on Friday evening for a catch up and see how her little family are doing. Already I’m thinking about the birthdays coming up next month and these ones aren’t even over yet. I’m one of those people that buy birthday cards in advance – months in advance. So it’s all good on that part. It’s just sorting out what to get everyone. But we always figure it out.

There’s 11 days to left until I start taking part in Dechox. It lasts throughout the whole of March. How good is it that Easter falls on 1st April? That means I can eat all the chocolate I want after Dechox ends. Perfect timing! You may already know about the reasons why the British Heart Foundation is so close to my heart. But that aside, I think with the next part of this post, there’s even more reason to get involved.

Taking in how important blood pressure is

I’ve got another one of those blood pressure appointments at the doctors next week – yes again. There’s been about 4-5 in the past 5 months. So hopefully, I’ll have something to write about with that. It’s quite odd actually. I’ve had a weird cycle of up and down readings for the last couple of years. But more recent months have shown a spike in results. My body seems to be rejecting the first dose of medication. So the doctor has decided to double it.

Fingers crossed it’s worked. Otherwise, this whole process won’t help the situation at all. I’ve been on Propranolol (beta blockers) for 7 years and apparently, they’re supposed to help reduce hypertension. Strangely enough, I never used to have any blood pressure problems. But still, they definitely don’t do anything on that part. I’m glad they reduce the frequency of my migraines though. A 23-year-old woman on blood pressure medication. Even the nurse couldn’t believe it. It’s about monitoring me and continuing tests.

What’s new with you this February?

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