This weekend me and Danny travelled to London to see Eminem for his Revival tour, which he’s currently in the UK for. During his 2018 tour he’s performed in several European places including Germany, Norway, and Italy. For as long as I’ve really known Danny, I’ve known that Eminem is a singer he always hoped about going to see live one day. And this finally happened for him on Saturday 14th July at Twickenham Stadium.

Initially, I decided to purchase the tickets for his 25th birthday surprise. I ordered them at the January and his birthday was in May. Well I couldn’t keep it in. In fact, I think it only took me an hour or two to send him a screenshot that we’re going to see Eminem. Since, everyone’s been asking, “You like Eminem?” Er, yeah! Mainly his older songs but his new album is good too. I mean an album featuring Ed Sheeran, Alicia Keys, and Beyoncé. Need I say more?

Ah it was sick! Best concert I’ve been too. – Danny

crowd at eminem in london twickenham stadium

My favourite songs from his performance were: Walk on Water, Like Toy Soldiers, Lose Yourself, Stan, The Way I Am, and River. Yeah… I couldn’t pick just one or two! He only went and brought 50 Cent and Skylar Grey on stage too. He was just absolutely incredible. We heard that Ed Sheeran joined him on stage on Sunday’s show but it’s all good because at least we’ve seen him twice before on his own.

As we travelled on the Friday night and didn’t come home until Monday afternoon, we made the most of our travels in London. It was our third visit to London and it was nice to see parts of London that we had never seen before. On the Sunday we were in such a good mood, still having Eminem songs playing over in our heads. It was also our first time choosing Airbnb. We were lucky to have such a lovely and helpful lady welcoming us into her home.

Such a fun weekend all round. We cannot wait for our next trip, which is to Amsterdam in November.

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