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Okay Disney fans, choosing 10 characters isn’t as easy as people think, is it?

I would like to share my favourite ones with you. You’ll probably laugh because the majority of these I have a teddy version of them in my room. You can never have too many right?


I have even two Stitch teddies – the original and an experiment 626 version (six-two-six). What cute, crazy, blue resembled koala. We learn the importance of ‘Ohana’ – family, nobody gets left behind or forgotten. And I can’t forget to mention the scene he does where he’s reading The Ugly Duckling book in the film and says “Lost!”

I even have Angel as a teddy too and a key ring on my keys.


Why don’t you sell me and buy a rabbit instead?!

I love the scene when Lilo and her sister are fighting and they both go to their rooms and screams into their pillows and then Lilo just falls backwards. I especially love that Lilo wants Stitch to feel welcome in their home even though he isn’t actually a dog, and he wants to give him second chances after he ruins things. The bond between the two of them is great – and the little bed she made Stitch is just adorable.

Winnie the Pooh

The main character and there’s a reason for it – he’s the best – a bear who walks around in a red t-shirt constantly on the lookout for honey. If you change that to pyjamas and food then we are the same kind of character. Pooh wants all of his friends to be happy and that’s why I love him, so much in fact, I have a baby pooh bear version and a large one from the Disney store.


My grandad introduced me to Dumbo. Come on, look at those large wonderful ears he can use as wings. Just magical. I don’t like that he is taunted by the other elephants and mocked as he is forced to do a performance at the circus but he’s still the perfect character.


Boo! Have you seen the fantasy/adventure film, Monsters Inc.? If you haven’t you should definitely watch it. The original is the best in comparison to the Monsters High film. She is a two-year little girl in a pink nightdress and purple leggings (holding her little monster teddy).

The friendship she forms with Mike and Sulley is great.


I used to love watching 101 Dalmatians when I was a child, and if it was on television right now I’d be watching it as if I were that child all over again. Disney does bring out the child in us after all. Given his name because he was lucky to have made it, he brings so much life to the film. He’s playful and loveable and comforts Patch is Cruella’s evil plot against them.


Life under the sea is better than anything they’ve got up there.

Come on, we know the song, ‘Under the sea…’ he’s the best on-screen friend for Ariel is all of her conquests. He makes the audience laugh and keeps us entertained with his musical abilities. I never thought that an animated red crab would be able to entertain someone so much with his Jamaican vibes.


It’s such a good film and I enjoyed the re-make they did last year. He’s the only other teddy I want to complete my collection. I saw him in the Disney store but when I went back he wasn’t there, nor was he available online *cry*. He’s so protective of Mowgli in Jungle Book.

He’s good natured and we sing along to his songs, especially, ‘Bear Necessities’. He likes dancing like no one’s around and eating food, maybe that’s the main reason why I love him so much. The same wonder goes for the fact that he doesn’t like being alone.

Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse

Minnie Mouse this, Minnie Mouse that, I want it. Pyjamas, fancy dress, a big teddy version of her (and a mini version, and graduation 2015 version), t-shirts, mugs, Minnie Mouse ears etc. are the type of things you’ll see on me or around me.

She’s the most glamorous little mouse ever.

I love Mickey Mouse too.

The list is obviously longer but I just had to cut it down to ten characters otherwise, you would be here all day reading about them.

Who are your favourite Disney characters?

P.S. Disney Store, do I get some kind of future discount for all the teddies me and Daniel have purchased in the past?!

Author: Natasha Bolger

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