Choc Affair’s Dreamy Delicious Chocolate

choc affair chocolate bars

Have you heard of Choc Affair? If your answer is no, you’re about to learn about their delicious range of chocolate. My last post was a while ago but I promise that this piece will make up for it, (especially if you’re a chocolate lover like myself).

About Choc Affair

Choc Affair are based in York and aim to change lives through chocolate. They are celebrating their 10th birthday this year. Their story relates back to finding an alternative for Linda’s two daughters, who were milk intolerant when they were young.

Since the creation of their hot chocolate drink, the business became a family orientated success. This means more yummy chocolate for us all.

People who say laughter is the best medicine, have obviously never had chocolate.

The wonderful team create products such as: chocolate bars, lollies, and other special occasion and corporate hampers. They are a dedicated team, who have a lot of passion for chocolate, hence their visit to Columbia in 2014. The team were inspired by the great community of cocoa farmers. This led to a successful partnership with ASOPECA.

Choc Affair are also proud to sponsor 30 children in Northern Eastern Uganda. They help towards providing young people with essential materials and an education. The rise of their business continues to grow locally and nationwide.

The Taste

I have never focused on a chocolate-related post before. This is something new and exciting to add to my blog.

My initial thoughts: this chocolate is bound to taste good and leave me wanting more.

This post shares two of the chocolate bars with you – milk chocolate and white chocolate and mango. The additional chocolate bar (lavender and lime) is not reviewed. I simple focus on my favourite flavours out of three bars.

The chocolate bars were wrapped securely in a box labelled with Choc Affair circular stickers. I was happy to see that a lot of effort was put into the presentation. A little square golden envelope presented with a card from Linda and a complimentary slab of more chocolate made me feel even happier.

The bars are absolutely delicious. The blend of mango and white chocolate is really tasty. Just mmmm! My favourite is the milk chocolate. It is smooth, creamy, and perfectly melts inside your mouth.

Each bar contains a good amount of chocolate. They are an ideal gift (or treat to yourself).


Follow Choc Affair on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with their selection of dreamy, delicious chocolate. You can also visit their website to learn more.

Author: Natasha Bolger

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