There’s a month until summer ends. If you live anywhere in Britain, I think you’ll agree that you never really have a summer anyway. What is a British summer, anyway?!

Whenever there’s sunshine in the UK, especially in the region where I live in the North West, Salford, Greater Manchester, the sun makes an appearance and so does everybody else’s bodies. You see men walking around topless and people in shorts and vest tops. It’s always nice for us girls to have the chance to wear the summer dress you’ve been wanting to wear.

Just a little bit of sunshine

We were graced with a few days of sunshine which I definitely made the most of. I enjoyed the relaxation of sitting in my back garden and reading a nice book. There’s nothing better than a peaceful atmosphere and the sun beaming down on you for a great sense of relaxation. And out come the freckles and patches of sunburn!

I love summer when I am able to find fun activities and events to go to with friends and family. I especially love seeing my niece have fun in the garden and at the park. I think a little sunshine brings a light of happiness in everyone.

The thing which I look forward to the most each year as Summer approaches us is a holiday.

This year I travelled to Portugal with my boyfriend, as his surprise birthday present from myself. I love being able to relax by the pool and by the beach. I enjoy having a few, sometimes more than a few cocktails and having a laugh together. It’s always great to experience the culture abroad and explore its history. This is one of the reasons that we both love to take little adventures each day and find new places to see and do things.

At the end of summer, as sad as it can be that it is over, I like to reflect on all of the positive things that have come my way. I have been blessed to have shared my summer with family and friends. I have also felt accomplished that I finally had a job offer for a Marketing Assistant at Salford City College, which I gladly accepted without hesitation. It was such a satisfying feeling to have known that I didn’t give up over summer and reached my goals.

British summer will come to an end

Next month, 5th September, it’ll be time for me to begin the role and I cannot wait. Stay posted for upcoming pieces which I will be sharing with you through my journey.

Tonight, I’ve been thinking about Autumn approaching us. I’m that type of person that will walk on the leaves to hear them crunch. I love to see the colours of red, orange, yellow, and green. As like winter, it brings out the opportunity for a lot of comfort food. It’s the perfect time to start making those hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Halloween in October reminds me of my childhood when all I seemed to dress up as was a wicked witch. My mum would make my face white with pale face powder, give me a black beauty spot

The entertainment on television tends to improve. There are usually more shows on leading up to Christmas which is exciting. And of course there’s Bonfire Night in November. I always like to go to a firework display and if there’s a bonfire there too then that’s a bonus. That’s definitely when it’s the time of year for the hat, scarf, and gloves, and that warm coat.

The best thing of all about the duration of autumn – Christmas is getting even closer!

6 replies on “Is a British Summer Even Summer?

  1. I cannot wait for Autumn! In my opinion, I feel like its ​Autumn now as the weather here in Kent isn’t good either! But I don’t mind as its one step closer to wearing jumpers and scarves! xx

  2. I love Autumn. It’s definitely my favourite time of year! Everything just gets so pretty, photogenic and more exciting. It also means that the dark evenings are coming which is great!

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