The Simple Way to Hire Local Service Professionals is with Bidvine


With Bidvine you are able to search for the service you need and enter the postcode to see which services are available in that area. With your search, you’re able to answer a few questions so that the platform can filter the best services for your needs.

We make hiring local, trusted service professionals ridiculously simple – and help people use the time saved to pursue their passions.

Check out the team and more about their story here.

There are only three simple steps you need to take – tell them service you require, receive a selection of bids to choose from, then once you’re happy, you can hire and make the most of the great service.

Bidvine’s services are great

Questions can be related to age, and Bidvine finds the right services between the ages of 1-year-old to over 60 years old. As an example, I did a demo of the site in my search for Spanish classes. As well as age, other questions were related to:

  • Current level of literacy
  • Student’s literacy goals
  • Current level of conversational Spanish
  • Student’s conversational goals
  • Number of lessons required
  • Length of each lesson
  • Period of time you hope these lessons to last until
  • Days convenient for you
  • Convenient time
  • Preference of where the service can be delivered (including mileage distance)
  • When do you wish to begin

Bidvine’s most popular services include:

  • Domestic Cleaning
  • Interior painting
  • Man with a Van
  • Personal Training
  • Piano Lessons

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Alongside this, you can explore a number of categories such as events, health, and business services.

The best thing about the website from my perspective is that, as you scroll down the homepage, you are able to see many different areas to discover. There are options of music, catering, floral touches, photography, and planning all round for weddings.

Moreover, Bidvine finds the best professionals out there in order for you to have the greatest fitness of your life. From swimming lessons to personal training, there’s something to help everybody.

With its 8.9 out of 10 star rating, you can trust those out of the 874 people who recommend Bidvine including myself.

What are you waiting for? If you want to book a plumber or learn how to play the guitar, Bidvine can help you. Register your business or sign up today via their website.

It doesn’t end there. Bidvine also have an app where you can explore the many fantastic services that they share on their platform. Search Bidvine on your device today and enjoy the app!

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