May Bank Holiday Weekend 2018

This weekend it was Danny’s 25th birthday so it gave us more reason to look forward to the k hok holiday weekend. On Friday I had my 24 hour BP monitor on but I got to take it off at 7.30am the next day. So that didn’t get in the way of anything. Although, I didn’t have the best night’s sleep. And I also woke up at 5.40am on Saturday morning and of course I couldn’t wait to wish Danny a happy birthday.

You know when you lay there and you think, “Awww I’ll let them sleep?” Well how long does that usually last for you? I went back to sleep for as long as I could with 4 more readings on the monitor to go. And then finally it I could take it off. I tried again to wake Danny. The poor man. All he wanted to do was enjoy his sleep. I suppose that doesn’t always happen with an early riser like me around.

Rise and shine sleepy head

His eyes were open and he smiled as I wished him a happy birthday (several times including singing it to him). He opened the small gift bag with a present from me inside. He smiled again. This time it was because we were once in a taxi and he asked the taxi driver what aftershave he was wearing. I went and bought that one (possibly a different edition but still).

He then opened his card and noticed on the left hand side that I had printed out a little message reading:

Guess where we’re going? 20th – 23rd November.

A picture with bikes around a canal only meant one place – Amsterdam. He’s always mentioned about wanting to go there one day. And how it would be nice to go together. I’m so glad that we have another little adventure to look forward to. We’re both excited for the canal views, cycling, the city’s heritage, and much more. It’s going to be an amazing place for photography I’m sure.

A day out on Saturday

We decided to take a train journey out to Hebden Bridge. It’s only 3 stops away from Manchester Victoria Station. With the sunshine making an appearance this bank holiday weekend, it definitely made a difference. We and walked the afternoon away exploring around the village. Everything was so vintage and perfect for photography opportunities.

Everybody was out enjoying the sunshine and there was a great happy atmosphere. What was one of the first things we did? Buy an ice cream of course. I was like a baby eating mine. Enjoying it so much, we were walking over a bridge, and Danny turned around to see me nearly getting it all over me as the ice cream was melting!

I’d say we did pretty well with the amount of walking we did especially the hilly areas in the heat. Can you tell that we don’t get sunny weather very often? That’s our hometown Salford for you. It was nice to have a change of scenery and do something different for the bank holiday weekend. We took a moment towards the end of our time there to sit by the canal and relax. Lots of kids were laughing and splashing in the water. Oh we wished we were that age again!

A Sunday without the pre-Monday blues

view from cloud 23 Hilton hotel manchester

Usually on a Sunday I think, “Nooo. Why does it have to be Monday already tomorrow?” But luckily, the bank holiday weekend came to our rescue. We had another day to enjoy before going back to work. I began my day with an appointment I had coming up for a scan on my kidneys and bladder. Me and mum then walked home as it was another nice day.

My best friend Faye treated me to afternoon tea, which was my first ever experience. And to top it off it was at the Hilton in Manchester at Cloud 23. I’d never been there before neither. It was really nice and lots of little treats to enjoy.

I spent the rest of the day chilling in the garden with mum and dad. And later on Danny’s sister asked us round. So we spent a few hours there. And then more family turned up which was lovely. Hot dogs, burgers, and laughs. An enjoyable afternoon. The tiredness hit me though. I’ve been feeling very tired recently.

I went to bed as soon as I got home and put a film on. I was asleep around 9.30pm or earlier. Almost 3 hours later I woke up with an excruciating pain on the left of my abdomen. I was in tears. I hadn’t quite had a pain that strong before. Similar but not as strong. I lifted myself out of bed feeling dizzy and unbalanced. And then the sickness feeling. Ugh. My head is still pounding today and I’ve had the pins and needles in my fingers all weekend which is what I’m used to with migraines.

A different kind of Monday

Monday arrived which means I eventually got myself back to sleep. I began my day with the gym. But I didn’t do any heavy cardio just in case. It definitely was the best decision not to miss the gym. It always gives me a better start to the day when I go.

Me and Danny spent the afternoon shopping. Although we only come away with one bag.  Danny found himself some birthday treats/things for our holiday. And we grabbed something to eat too. I’ve loved this bank holiday weekend. It’s been full of smiles and sunny weather. I’m hoping that our doctors appointments both go well tomorrow.

Back to reality in the morning. Here comes the rain…

2 thoughts on “May Bank Holiday Weekend 2018

    1. I did thank you. I hope you had a good bank holiday weekend too. I’m starting to feel better now yay! And we’re both so excited 🙂

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