Feeling Good About Yourself Starts with You

Since my last post, I’ve realised so much more about body confidence. It’s time to realise that feeling good about yourself is so important. I told you all that I wanted to tone up and not lose any weight. That’s pretty much down to wanting to feel better about myself. I’m not overweight. However, it does feel good to see that I’ve lost 4lbs and that’s made me happier. Those pounds to me are what I noticed; but not necessarily what others see. Increasing the amount of exercise I do has definitely decreased bloating. And it has made me feel good about myself.

How I feel about myself on the inside is what needs to matter the most to be right now though. As you may already be aware, I’ve had high blood pressure for almost 7 months or so now. It’s just so strange as the doctor put it today. There was a point where I had this back in 2014 but in-between then everything seemed fine or so we thought. It’s in the doctor’s interest to pinpoint why this is. Especially as I was put on the highest dose of Ramipril and it hasn’t made a difference. Step 1 was always the lifestyle side. But nope, no difference.

But if I keep going, it’ll be okay. What’s inside really does count.

So it’s back to a BP monitor again later this week; ECG and another blood test on Wednesday; referral to chemical pathology; and wait for the appointment for a scan on my kidneys. I’m pretty sure everything’s going to come back fine. But meanwhile it’s just making me a little bit fed up. I actually hope it’s down to it being hereditary. Hopefully I’ll know soon.

I’ve learn that I need to be happy with who I am – inside and out. Accept that the people who care about you are the ones you need. You can’t force someone to care. Nor can you force someone to like you. It’s always nice when people who you’ve known over the days still see you in the same light today. I also think it’s nice when the little things make you smile in the day. You begin to realise where your happiness lies. Be happy about who you are and embrace it.

What are your thoughts on feeling good about yourself? Tell me in the comments box further below or via Twitter @tashalifestyle.

2 thoughts on “Feeling Good About Yourself Starts with You

  1. Very true. Health issues always have a way of bringing about acceptance of what is because things happen medically we can’t nessercerily change 🙌
    Congrats on weight loss – every little bit counts if it helps how you feel about yourself 💪

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