Happy Easter

The 1st April is upon us already. No April Fool’s, it’s actually here. And that also means it’s time for me to wish you all a happy Easter! I remember when I was little and I would be so excited for Easter because of all the chocolate. Fast forward to now and all I wish it that we would actually get spring weather up in the north. This whole rainy/wet/sleet/snow/cold or whatever weather is getting a bit boring now. I’ve only seen a few daffodils around too. So what’s going on there?!

I wonder what April will bring…

It’s the end of DECHOX

The 31 days of March are over and I can eat chocolate again. Thank you so much to all of those who donated to my page in fundraising for the British Heart Foundation. I remember when I was 6-years-old and my birthday fell on Easter Sunday. I got a bunny rabbit. Not a teddy. A real one. I’ve never been so excited on an Easter Sunday since then. That changed this morning because Danny got me TWO creme egg Easter eggs. This is followed by one from his mum and a few treats from my mum. Since being with Danny I realise that adults get Easter eggs too!

My birthday

23rd April is St George’s Day and it’s also my birthday. I don’t get too excited for birthdays anymore. But I do have the day off work this year so maybe a day of pampering will be in order… however I spend it, I wanted to be happy and relaxed. Receiving better results on my blood pressure 4 days before would really help. After then, they’ll only be 2 more months of monitoring left. Just a thought here, you know when you’re younger and you can’t wait to be older? Parts of me wants my childhood back! Haha. But I’m sure the future is going to be very exciting.

What are you looking forward to in April? Is there anything in particular you love about April?

I hope you all have a lovely Easter.

What are your thoughts?

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