2018 Is Proving to Be an Exciting Year

Three months into 2018 and it’s proving to be very exciting already. It doesn’t seem like two minutes ago since we were preparing for Christmas. The chaos of getting everyone’s Christmas presents and wrapping them. And now, we’re looking forward to spring (hoping that the weather starts to be more spring anyway). I’m not sure about you but I think this ‘Beast from the East’ has shown us enough now. It’s time for blossoming daffodils and a little bit of sunshine. Please? Just a little bit will do.

Me and Danny told you about 5 things that I was excited to welcome into 2018. This included:

Continuing to explore together

Moving forward together

Facing new challenges

Travelling on a road to happiness

Seeing what else life has to offer


The exploring part has been promising. We took a trip to Dublin. And we plan to go to Amsterdam, maybe in June according to the best deals at the moment. We’re also going to Liverpool for a friend’s birthday so we’ll be exploring there again for a couple of days. For me, it’ll be my first night out there. Good times!

Moving forward and facing new challenges

Regarding the move forward – we’re planning more things for then we move out together. And we’re both secure in our jobs after my 1-1s after Christmas. It’ll be a yer for us soon in the companies we’re in. Doesn’t time just fly by?! The same goes for facing new challenges. As always, each year, I like to do my bit for charity. I’m currently on a ‘Dechox’. Staying strong but really looking forward to a chocolate treat on Easter Sunday. We both tackled ways to stay strong together and not let anything drift us apart.

A road to happiness

Happiness. Taking time for yourself and for others are equally important when it comes to happiness. It’s not always easy to see everyone all of the time. And that’s not the way it has to be. Make time for the important occasions and wherever else you can. We all have our lives to live. It’s always good to remember the ones who are there for you during the lowest and highest moments. That’s something that becomes clearer and clearer as the years go on.

Whatever life has to offer

Life has been very kind to us these past three months. It’s given us tickets to see three of our favourite singers and a comedian. May brings us Ed Sheeran; June brings us Beyoncé and Jay Z; July brings us Eminem in London; and August brings us to Kevin Hart in Manchester. Ah, excited doesn’t even explain how I feel about it all. Beyonce is my birthday present from Danny and Eminem is his birthday present from me. Now I think about it, the trip to London will also be another chance for us to explore there again.

Traveling together, facing challenges, and making the most out of life is what brings us all the happiness in the world.

What exciting ventures are you going on this year?

What are your thoughts?

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