Why I Haven’t Had The January Blues

January blues are all around. I’ve seen a lot of people over social media saying that they can’t wait for January to end. And then there have been others who say that, we shouldn’t wish our lives away. Well, even though January has seemed extra long in a way, I’ve actually enjoyed this month. The going back to work stage after Christmas felt like Christmas was never even here and was over in a flash. But there’s always a massive build up to the festive period isn’t there?!

January arriving put me in a good mood unlike some. Pay day may have felt like a lifetime away until a few days ago but I can’t say it’s been the worst month whatsoever. In fact, the only bad thing, or maybe a word less strong than bad, is that my blood pressure is driving me mad. But other than that, I’m feeling healthy. And I’m also feeling good about myself. I’ve trying other things for dinner at work and not bloating myself so much throughout the day.

I have so many things to look forward to. Having things to look forward to always motivates me both at work and outside of work.

Let’s think of a few of the things I’m looking forward to this year

  • A weekend trip to Dublin (and the rest of the week off)
  • Another week off in March
  • Danny’s 25th birthday (you know, because he’ll be a quarter of a century). Suppose I’m only one year behind so I best not mention that too much!
  • Holiday away somewhere
  • Eminem in July
  • Kevin Hart in August
  • And to whatever the year holds

Remember – the January blues are only temporary

For those who you who feel completely different to me. You’re so glad that January is finally over in a few hours. But just remember that we all have days, weeks, months, and years for some that aren’t the best. It could be a lot worse. So count yourself as a person who’s thankful to have health, happiness, and all that the world has to offer.

Throughout it all, I’ll also be continuing to think about the future. It’s about saving and being able to have fun at the same time. So long ‘January blues’. Here’s to all of the exciting things that are to come!

What are your thoughts?

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