What’s New This December?

December gives me a heavy music related opening. Once I told you about my favourite bands from the nineties and noughties? It’s mad how I’m not a member of the fan club for bands nowadays. But I’ve always felt that seeing one of my favourite childhood ones but be so good. I remember the day that Steps tickets came out for their Party on the Dancefloor UK Tour.

For whatever reason, being in work I think, I completely forgot out them going on sale. Luckily though, Katie’s friend, Sarah, had a cousin who was unable to attend. I was happy to be first in Katie’s mind to suggest that I go to see Steps with them. As soon as I found out that their Saturday night in Manchester didn’t clash with dad’s birthday night, I said yes straight away.

I know it’s been a while too long since my last post. But I want to catch up with everything that I can in this blog post. Don’t worry, I haven’t lost my love for blogging. I’ve simply been feeling too tired or motivated to do much. But here I am on a Sunday evening writing away to you all and it feels good to be back after a few weeks not writing anything at all (other than blogging in work). Back to what I’ve up to…

Party on the Dancefloor

Last weekend I went back to my childhood on Saturday 2nd December 2017. The three of us arrived a bit early. But there’s nothing wrong with that when it comes to beating the queues and avoid a big rush into the arena. Steps were playing at the Manchester Arena. It wasn’t long ago that I was last there to see John Legend in September.

I had heard songs from Steps’ new album, Tears on the Dancefloor. But I was most excited to hear the ultimate Steps collection, the good oldies! Pretty much everyone knows the song 5, 6, 7, 8… I remember Danny saying to me what’s that song as he sang the chorus. And I said to him, that’s the actual title of the song. How original he said. That song was played of course along with many other top hits such as: Last Thing on My Mind, Better Best Forgotten and Heartbeat. There was a good range of songs that they performed.

Dance moves and voices were just as good as the old days. But my absolute favourite as I knew it would be was, One for Sorrow. I was waiting all night for it to come on hoping they would sing it. And it was their last song before they were cheered back onto the stage to perform Tragedy. Another thing that remains the same, is that, Lisa is my favourite band member. It was such a fun night!

Preparing for Christmas

As we’re in December, it would be wrong not to mention to countdown to Christmas. Each year, the older you get, the winter season is back around before you know it. Salford and Manchester could’ve been in for a shot of a white Christmas. We had some snow yesterday but it turned to off-and-on, with sleet/rain in between. We’ll have to wait and see if it appears again.

As much as I don’t like the cold, I do like the lead-up to Christmas. Hat, scarf, and gloves, Christmas present shopping etc. I like to be organised and get all of my Christmas shopping done well before Christmas week. And today I wrapped all of the presents that have been kept at mine. It felt like forever wrapping them all. Almost 4 and a half hours. I had to stop for some dinner after wrapping three of them! I had an early start to the day and got some last few bits in.

So that’s me done, for the presents that are being kept at mine that is. All of the cards have been written out and it’s just a countdown in the last couple of weeks in work now. It’s Christmas Jumper Week all week starting tomorrow, so that’ll be good.

As much as I don’t get the feeling I did when I was a kid, it’s still a magical time of the year. The best thing is seeing a smile on everyone else’s face. I can’t wait for 25th December to get here so we can all be merry together!

What are your thoughts?

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