Family Make Memories So Important

Family members are very valuable to me. It’s never too late to make new memories with your family or to build upon existing ones. Those memories where you can look back and smile as you reflect are the type of memories you want in your life.

Let’s think about it

We might not always remember what day it was on, but we remember the memory, even only if it’s a small glimpse. It can be something so special and meaningful to someone. For me, seeing my great-auntie and uncle who I haven’t seen in around 15 years or so.

I look back at the little girl I was all of those years ago and I see myself in their house in Scotland. I remember being in the kitchen with my three great-cousins when they were making a cheesecake. It might sound like the most random or little thing, but it is the little things that I like to keep hold of. They’re often the most meaningful to me.

As great-auntie Sheila is granny’s sister is was extra special to have spent time with her. She has nicknames for everybody and I said isn’t it about time that I was given one. I am now little wren – I think because I am small! Seeing both her and my great-uncle Andrew was just like old times – they definitely haven’t changed.

My cousin was saying that I used to be like a little doll and that I still look like one. I said that I will go back home with her and I could be a little bedside ornament!

More memories made

It’s been a happy memory together full of happiness and smiles. We sang, danced, and chatted away. It’s been great. And it’s those memories that I will hold onto forever.

It was so exciting to see them for the first time in so long. I hope that I’ll get to see the rest of the family soon. All of my cousins from Scotland have children now and it would be lovely to get to meet them.

The week definitely went by too quick but I think we made the most of it.

Memories are the most powerful possession you can have.

8 thoughts on “Family Make Memories So Important

  1. A tear strolled down my face as I closed the door. That’s why I kept the goodbyes short and sweet otherwise I would have cried! One of the best things to come out of this year was seeing you all. Can’t wait for when we are all together again. X

  2. really nice post Tasha, it was great to see all the family and spend a week with you, it wont be another 15 years before you see us again had a great time and was made really welcome, you and your brothers have grown up, it was great to see you how you have grown into independent and loving young adults, your mum and dad are still the same, your dad is still the same Pete I knew all those years ago any thing for a laugh and always joking, your mum is still the same lovable little Maxine, was nice to meet your boyfriend and your brothers girlfriends, really nice people also Linda and Dom great to spend a little time with them, it was a fantastic week and hope to do it again soon

  3. Loved seeing you all cant wait till the next time, lovely memories your my little doll tasha love you to bits miss you all already take care xxx

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