15 Reasons Why We’re Smiling For Smile Month

During 15 May to 15 June, it is National Smile Month and I wanted to share all of the reasons why you, I, and others have been smiling. Thank you to the eight people who let me know the special things that have put a smile on their face.

I like to look on the brighter side of life, enjoying the little things, as I believe it’s the little things that offer the best happiness in life. For example, it could be seeing somebody who you have wanted to see more of, reminiscing on a memory/anniversary, or appreciating a small kind gesture.

Kindness especially does go a long way and I think we should spread that everywhere we can. It costs nothing after all.

Let’s begin with what you had to say.

Why have you been smiling this month?

Carol: Every time I see my little grandson and hear his cute laugh. And Daniel getting his new job.

Mum: You. You make me proud everyday as do the three of you (you, and your brothers). Gracie saying ‘I love you, nana always put a smile on my face.

Katie: My gorgeous baby boy makes me smile even when I’m down and upset, he never fails to make me smile.

Faye: Knowing all of my friends and family are happy and safe.

Daniel: Me and you being in our new jobs and happy.

Chantelle: My laptop is now charging!

Catherine: All of my family especially my great-nephew.

Lauren: My Toby running and digging the sand on the beach.

And now the rest is from me!

  • Completing the Great Manchester Run – an achievement I never thought I’d accomplish and crossing that finish line with a very important person in my life
  • Gracie – my niece, last week especially when she wouldn’t stop hugging me and seeing how much she’s turned into a beautiful little girl
  • Feeling like the real me – fitting into a new workplace and feeling content. Looking forward to exploring new things and doing the best I can while receiving positive feedback feels good. It felt good to have my hair done after a long time!
  • My mum and dad because even though we might always say ‘argh what you want me to help you with now?’ they’re my parents. I’m blessed to have them by my side. When you think about the amount of toys and all sorts they helped us out with on birthdays and Christmas it makes you think.
  • Catching up with family – having a laugh and even just the small conversations. Also, seeing my friends smile.
  • Seeing bloggers enjoy what they do, regardless of controversial and negative comments recently on social media
  • Despite all of the negative things happening in the world, I couldn’t be surrounded by better people

Don’t take life for granted. Smile for those brighter things that have happened.

What’s made you smile during the past month?

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