Stop Letting Those Doubts Get in Your Way

For too long now I’ve been one of those people who will let doubts get in the way of the possibility of something good happening. Who knows what opportunities will bring until you’ve tried them out? Even though I am very much a positive person, I still struggle to come to terms with believing that I can do it… or at least I know that I can try.

Now it might be the Sweet Soul Sunday playlist motivating me to write this post but we all get our motivation from somewhere. When I hear that beat in the music that boosts your mood I instantly become a person who starts to believe. No matter what I think of a situation beforehand, I need to stop being afraid, say yes, and actually go ahead and do what I can do.

Rather than saying ‘I don’t think it’ll go anywhere’ I need to start saying ‘I’m doing this to see if it leads anywhere.’ Taking chances doesn’t mean things will always work out the way you hope them to. However, it does mean that you’re being courageous to see where it can take you.

I have had a few surprising opportunities where I’ve been sat waiting in a room and looked at the people around me. I’ve seen pretty women, successful women, and professional women. Rather than say, they seem like they have more to offer, why not think, I can be just as successful in my own ways. Until you start to believe your abilities and really see what you are, you won’t be able to convince anybody else.

I remember a couple of interviews ago, I sat in one of those waiting rooms and at first I was alone waiting for appointment time to get closer. Soon afterwards, another young woman entered the room who was also being interviewed for the same role. Rather than feeling more nervous on this particular experience, I smiled, stuck my head up high and waited.

The man who was interviewing me said I was up first – great, even more pressure. But no, I wasn’t going to think in that retrospective this time. I smiled, stood up, shook his hand and said it’s great to meet you thanks for inviting me in. The interview went underway and I actually had more work with me than I needed. Unfortunately this particular role was lower than all of my previous experiences and had a commission based pay rate.

I look back at previous interviews from when two years ago and wow I have changed. The person that is me, hasn’t changed its personality, my characteristics are definitely still there. However, I feel a greater sense of independence, strength, and determination.

So when I am faced with an opportunity whether it be an interview for a job, a writing opportunity, or anything in general, I remember my worth. I say yes. And most importantly, I believe.

I might not get the job. I might not create the piece of writing they’re looking for. But that doesn’t mean to say that I can’t at least try. Those thoughts have to stop if you want to move forward and be more of a positive thinker.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I applied to BBC’s Journalism Trainee Scheme a few weeks ago. I received an email earlier this week to inform that I’d be invited to complete an online assessment. I might not progress any further but that doesn’t mean to say I’m not allowed to try. I must have some potential/personality they’re looking for if I even managed to get to that stage.

Similarly, I’ve got interviews coming up from tomorrow. I might not have all of the experience they are looking for in a candidate. However, I might have that experience. The thing is, over thinking these particular things shouldn’t get in the way of you attending that interview. You’ve been invited so you shouldn’t worry yourself too much. As long as you prepare the best you can and show them all you have to offer, what more can you do?

And the best piece of advice I can give to those who feel disheartened when they don’t progress further with such opportunities is, to carry on with your most positive mind-set possible. Just because one employer hasn’t selected you, doesn’t mean to say another won’t.

I’ve had my fair share of interviews and I’m only coming to my last month of being a 22-year-old. I’ve had tonnes of rejections. I don’t let it doubt my ability anymore. Instead, it makes me want to go out there and prove that the right employer is out there for me rather than trying to be the right employee for another company.

On many occasions, I’ve proven myself wrong when someone has seen the light in me and that I have much to offer. For example, being selected as an intern for a television production company, being nominated in the UK Blog Awards, working as a Marketing Assistant at a college, and companies taking the time to contact me to collaborate.

It’s time to start focusing more on you and look at who you are.

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