My View on La La Land

Ryan Gosling (portraying Sebastian) and Emma Stone (portraying Mia) certainly didn’t disappoint with their performances in La La Land.

Before the film, I had debated whether to go and watch it

This wasn’t because of the actresses or actors in the film, it was because I didn’t know if I would enjoy the film, being a musical. When the first scene appeared on the screen I still wasn’t sure. Another Day of Sun played and I did not know what to expect. But as soon as the film begun with introducing the audience to Sebastian’s and Emma’s lives, I was pulled in and fixated to the cinema screen.

The musical shows us portrayals of characters who live different lives and want to be together. They do however have one thing in a common – a dream. They both aspire to be something more in life. Mia is a Barista who wishes to be an actress professionally and Sebastian wants to earn money for playing the piano. Can I just say, the pieces that are played in the film are beautiful variety of sounds which make you think about life. More to point – how our lives can be up in down in relation to different events and emotions that are thrown our way.

I particularly loved City of Stars and A Lovely Night.

One thing that definitely deserves credit is Emma’s way of displaying a woman who wants to chase her dream and having to sacrifice another thing in order to achieve it.

Not that she couldn’t have made it on her own, but how her future happens in a different way than she imagined it to.

I can completely relate to the feelings of Mia, in the way that she doesn’t feel good enough or as though she can make it. Although she gets back on her feet and tries and tries again to reach the place where she’s experiencing her dream.

Without giving too much away for those who haven’t seen the film, there are many meaningful messages conveyed throughout. It didn’t make me cry but I did gulp in a certain scene, which was one of my favourites and that was the last one. Those who have seen it will be able to relate.

Sebastian’s face just makes your heart melt – but then he does that smile and it’s as if the right decision was made. Although I slightly disagree!

As an overall rating I give the hit musical 4 out of 5 stars. The characters are definitely a 5 out of 5 though.

Would you do what it takes to do what you love or let go of the one the love to chase your dreams separately?

4 thoughts on “My View on La La Land

  1. This was really lovely to read as I’ve been debating whether to go and see it or not but think I might just do after reading this ! Lovely post 🤗 xo

  2. I really enjoyed La La Land! I was unsure what to make of it at first but really got into it and found that there was a really inspiring message behind it xo

    1. Me too. Once you get into it you feel like you’re in the characters shoes and start to understanding the true meaning behind the film. Thank you for reading 🙂

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