A Reflection Over the Past 7 Years

Tonight, I was looking through photos and I came across some from 7 years ago such as the one below. A lot can be said for what’s happened over these years.

I went to college and university. I found college extremely difficult. However, my results were not disastrous. Happily, I gained my highest grade in the subject I wanted to study at university – Media.

Once I progressed onto university I got to know four lovely girls. I already knew a friend from college who has always been nice to me. He’s another person who is so much fun on a night out. The one I keep in contact with the most now always makes me smile. It might not be in person but I love that we keep some kind of contact. Even if it is tagging each other in relatable memes. It’s also really good to see how far she’s progressing.

Of course there’s my best friend who has supported me through absolutely everything over the past 7 years (and ever since eleven years ago). I feel like she’s the sister I never got to have. I’m lucky to have Faye. She’s one the craziest, loving people I’ve ever known.

We’ve stuck together through many things. Once, I rang her when I was in tears at home. Who appears at the bottom of my street in her car shortly afterwards? Faye does. She honestly does think of everyone before herself.

I worked in retail at Manchester United for six years during my college and university life and met many great people. I touched Van Persie’s hand and watched several football matches. The best thing of all was communicating with others in different levels of the workplace – both internally and externally.

Everyone knew me for being the girl who begun on the tills as they got to know this giddy girl who moved to the front of the store. It was quite emotional on my last year but I knew that it was the right step to make.

Some things come to an end

Sadly, it all come to an end once my employment within a learning support environment kicked in.

Even then, my confidence was still growing. I had taken on a lot of voluntary opportunities with magazines, digital platforms, community projects and fundraising for several companies during and prior to the role. I still felt like I needed a push to put into the bigger wide world of full-time employment and more importantly, for more challenges.

That’s when I become employed in the same college in the Marketing department where I am currently working until the maternity cover ends. There can be a lot of pressure but I have developed immensely with my independence and professionalism. I’m learning a great deal and taking more initiative. I’m actually lucky to be experiencing so much a role for my age. It just goes to show that you can be capable of more than you think regardless of what stage you’re at in your life.

My parents and brothers

I couldn’t write this post without mentioning my most memorable and blessed moments that life has given me over the past 7 years. I’ve had my parents and I’ve had my brothers as well as my other family members. I feel like I’ve become a lot closer to my brothers. Maybe it’s growing up – maybe it’s because they moved out over the past years and miss me? Who knows!

One of them isn’t all for hugs each time they visit but we’ll have a chat even if it’s winding me up. That’s one thing I love – it doesn’t have to be as if we are the age that we are because we’ll always be us regardless. The other always gives me a hug. Both of them are my brothers and always will be – always is a word of certainty that I know I can use here.

Reflection of support

They always support me in their own ways. I started my blog a year and a half ago and whenever I’ve had good links with other publishing platforms or achieved something new in writing/the media industry, I know they’ve been proud.

Some people would be shocked because you know when someone has a certain perspective of someone/something but you don’t realise there’s more to them? That’s my brothers. All three of us are happy and we are all in relationships.

7 years ago I was a gullible person. I definitely wasn’t the strongest person but I’d like to say that I have been my own person whichever perception people have ever had of me. Someone that has never changed their perception of me is, Danny. Yes – most of you will have heard about him, he’s pretty famous in my blog posts.

We always knew

We always knew each other has being people who both went to St James Primary School. He was in the year above me. 7 years ago (in July) is the next time we met to see our primary school before it was going to be knocked down. It was those years ago that Danny became to be a friend (and someone who I fancied a lot as soon as I seen him that day).

We would always text ever since that day – most often about the most random things. We would walk past each other in the corridor at college and he would turn back. Ah, the feeling. It was quite upsetting to think of the times I never looked back and we weren’t going to talk as much. But I never knew that he was going to come back into my life after my both went on own journeys. And I never knew just how much he was going to mean to me.

Seeing him for the first time after the time we hadn’t had in contact was like seeing him on that day outside our primary school all over again. Have you ever smiled walking past someone then put your head down and gone all tingly inside? That was me.

This time it was even more wonderful

This was 2012 and it was happening again. Even though I had been texting him again, it felt so uplifting to be reunited in person. He’s a person who has always been the same with words on a screen and in person. He wasn’t afraid to compliment me via text or in person, even if he was nervous. There was no denying it this time.

We’ve had our own time and we’ve also had many times together. He’s walked through water to get to me. I’ve laughed more (who even knew that was possible for me being as giddy as I am?!). I’ve doubted myself and fell down and he’s picked me back up again. We’ve explored together on many trips and holidays. And he’s helped me explore to find myself and experience falling in love.

Key reflections through the years

2012 – He lifted me into his arms over puddles.

2013 – We officially become boyfriend and girlfriend.

2014 – We went on our first holiday together.

2015 – He was there at my graduation.

2016 – I was there at his graduation.

2017 – More of the best memories are yet to come.

I’ve seen him in some of the most difficult and heart-breaking situations and I’ve seen him running around being the type of giddy he claims I’ve turned him into – but it was always there really!

We say we wish would have read the signs back then but I think we made our choices and we have created something amazing. Our relationship has grown in ways I never would have imagined. We did it together – perfectly.

Photos are one of the most precious forms of reflection

I often look back at photos and hope that for just one moment they would come back to life. These past years have been years added on that I haven’t been able to spend time with two special people but it’s been years where I’ve got to know some wonderful people. Now, I have got to know the true importance of family and love.

In July, my niece will be 7 years old. I don’t want her to get older. But I feel blessed to see what a beautiful girl she is constantly growing into. She’s another special person that I can’t imagine not having in my life. And now Danny’s sister has had her baby so that means we have a niece and a nephew.

Let’s see what the next 7 years have to offer.

What are your thoughts?

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