Times Are Always Changing

I used to come home to the times when mum and dad would be listening to music in the house and there would be CDs all over the floor. Now I come home today and there’s a big change – mum and dad are listening to music via YouTube through the television.

It’s not only technology that’s changing. When you think about time, you could relate it to an occasion, a certain minute, hour, or day in your life, you might take the time to reflect on what has changed or remained the same in your life over time.

Every day we are growing. With time, we face new challenges as we approach a new day. Some of us wish time away when we wish for an event to happen in the future that we are excited for, or it could be that we are dreading a period of time, therefore we cannot wait for it to be over.

Time can throw good things our way and it can also throw the bad. If you feel like there is more negative that comes your way, maybe you can look at how you react to that. It might not always be as bad as it seems when you look deeper into a situation. Try to take out more positives. The positives aren’t always in the situation but how you control it from affecting the happiness in your future.

When I think about time, I like to think about how I’ve grown both emotionally and physically since childhood. I like to think that I’ve had enough challenges that have made me stronger. That probably is the case but there’s much bigger challenges yet to come – I bet there will be plenty.

You might not have the same friends you did some years ago, you might not have travelled on the path you wanted to, but as long as you’ve been true to yourself over time, that’s going to give you the best outcome in life. One thing I do believe with time – it’s never too late to chase your dreams.

Time has given me many things – time to save money for my ISA savings; time to complete my education from primary school to university; time to learn it’s okay to make mistakes but learning how to not make the same ones again; time to experience the ongoing feel of being in love; time to spend with family and friends; and time to myself to see the freedom that life has to offer.

Sometimes, we might feel stuck, feeling as thought something is holding us back or that we are just in a corner on our own. From time to time, I think it’s normal to have some down time but it’s saddening when people experience this on a daily basis. I’ve had the feeling where I don’t feel good enough just like many of us have – I think we can say that we’ve learnt that we are good enough.

And shouldn’t we be?

If you have put time into someone/something then surely you’d expect someone/something to be deserving of your time?

I asked my readers what time means to them, whether they think positively or negatively about it and what the best thing is that they’ve learnt over time. Here’s what they had to say…


Best thing I’ve learnt is your health always comes before anything else and to listen to your own body.


Positive  – how long we’ve been together.

Negative – thinking about the time you have left on a shift a work.

I’ve learnt that it’s never too late – there’s always time to finish something.


Time – Sometimes difficult to balance against well-being but… you helped me find myself again.

Blog – whateverwordsblog.wordpress.com

B.M Crown 

Time – it’s everything, and depleting by the second. The most valuable scarce resource we have.

 Blog – mochamovement.wordpress.com


Time is just the way we define moments in our life, it’s what we do with that time that matters.

Blog – cityscape-bliss.com

All so true and meaningful from my perspective.

Final words from me – spend your time wisely.

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