Here’s to More Positive Thinking for 2017

This week, I told myself it was time to hit the gym (because that’s positive thinking right, thinking about being active?!). It was my first time back at the gym in five years. I know, that’s terrible.

It was time to get out of my lazy comforts and do something new and active.

I need to not be embarrassed about how I look, who I am or what I do and just go for it. I decided to go to the gym again so that I’m doing something to keep fit and also, to tone up. In your twenties you do begin to notice a different in your weight and I’m the kind of girl who isn’t happy with my skinny jeans being a little tighter than they should be.

I would love to feel less bloated and maintain a lower weight – I just want to lose a few pounds and keep at it. Feeling more toned and knowing that I am staying active is going to help make me feel a happier person inside and out.

The first day I attended, I went with my boyfriend as I wanted some company. He shown me where everything was – like my own mini induction from him. I went on the machines that I used to love – cross trainer, bike, steps, and rowing machine.

I repeated the same workout today and I am already smiling about it. When I went on my own today it just felt like old times. I am looking forward to going with my friend, Natalie after work as well next week. Hopefully we will get into a routine. I will still go whenever I can.

There are many different types of people who go to the gym and I’ve learnt that it’s okay for me to be one of them. Some people will want to participate in classes, some will wanted to focus on cardio (like myself), others will do weight workouts, or maybe resistance training. I do need to go up to the next floor and give one of those machines a go as I used to like them.

Here’s to a more active and positive year.

What’s making you feel positive about this year?


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