The Difference Between Feeling Worried and Wanted

This post talks about both feeling worried and wanted. Being a worrier, having someone love me for all of my flaws gives me a feeling that no one else on this earth can replace. Feeling wanted by the right person makes you feel amazing.

Have you ever had that feeling where you couldn’t have done something without someone? Danny always tells me that he wouldn’t have graduated without me. Truth is, he certainly would have. But I will always help Danny.

He’s always at the other end of the phone for me. Danny will run to me if there’s an emergency or even if he knows I just need him. He puts everything into making me happy. This is why I can understand all the times he gets upset whenever I’m unhappy.

I probably give my head an overtime of worrying. It worries too many what ifs. Danny is someone who has seen each and every thought that goes on in my mind. He hears them without me even having to say a word. I never knew that opening up to someone could take away so much pain.

I remember the smile Danny used to give me. Then I smile at a nice little moment we shared. I don’t want anybody else. He reminds me and mum so much of my grandad – a man with a big heart. Perhaps that’s why I’ve grown a lot stronger since I’ve been part of it?

He wanted me then

I was always terrified of being the girl he told all of his friends about, and falling in love. But he’s shown me that I’ve always been the person he fell in love with. That day he told me I looked good when I was 16-years-old, maybe that was a sign.

I turn 23-years-old this year and it still makes me smile whenever Danny tells me I look beautiful. Especially when I’m feeling incapable of loving myself or my skin looks horrendous. I could gain spots or pounds and I am sure that he will still love me the same. In fact, he must do, because he has seen me at my best and worst, physically and emotionally.

It’s never mattered to him what part of the group I’m in, how many friends I’ve got or that I don’t glam up every day.

I was terrified of being the girl for Danny when deep down, I could be the biggest friend he’ll ever gain. I will always want to hug him, kiss him, make him laugh, and be there for him.

And he still wants me now

It’s important to love yourself. You gain a special feeling when someone devours you. But remember the first step is to accept yourself and to see some kind of beautiful in yourself.

5 thoughts on “The Difference Between Feeling Worried and Wanted

  1. Awwwh what a heartfelt, loving post!!!! I love this its so personal to you thanks for sharing with us all!!! I agree that you have tonlove yourself but having someone there that completely admires and adores you and likewise for youself makes it all the more easier right!?

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