Katie’s Baby Shower

On Saturday 22 October, Sarah hosted Katie’s baby shower and what an amazing job she did with it all. Since months ago when all of the planning for the event began, Sarah had loads of ideas and was planning from the get-go.

She had thought of everything. As soon as I walked through the door of her apartment and turned to the right hand side I noticed all of the decorations dangling from the ceiling. They were the cutest.

Everything was blue colour themed of course – blue glasses, blue bottles with blue tweets in, blue cake stand, blue confetti, blue table-cloth, blue baby spoons etc. There was a big baby balloon that I wanted just because of how cute it was.

There was also lots of nibbles and bites of food and sweets to choose from along with prosecco to toast and other alcoholic and soft drinks to choose from, thanks to Carol. The cupcakes were amazing and so life-like, with little babies made out of icing and then others with tiny baby feet and faces on.

Once everyone had arrived, we were all waiting for Katie to get there. I wonder how she is going to act kept running through my mind. We then thought hmmm… maybe she’ll see the decorations from the window or people who were stood up.

We were quiet when she buzzed for Sarah to let her in but we didn’t think enough about Katie noticing people’s cars outside! Katie did have a big smile on her face when she arrived though and she did have an inkling about it all happening.


The day ran so smoothly, full of games, laughs, chats, and fun.

We played the nappy game where you guess what’s inside the nappy with your eyes closed or whilst you’re blind folded. You are allowed to lick, sniff, touch the inside of the nappy as well as smell it. This might sound really weird seeing it written down but it’s actually so much fun. And harder than you think to guess what’s inside.

We also tasted baby food, which was also harder to guess what flavour they were than you would think. This is the chance we had to wear bibs and act like greedy babies. I actually enjoyed most of the foods even if I thought they were completely different flavours than what they really were.

We did played the traditional game where you get spun around, you are blindfolded and you have to place a sticker dummy on the poster of a baby. Kayti won that game and a few others came close. Throughout the whole afternoon, there were gifts to win. I was really happy to have chosen a set of mini candles then one bigger candle, which will go perfectly in my bedroom because it’s purple.

We were all given a tiny blue dummy at the beginning of the afternoon and if someone said the word ‘baby’ you got to keep their dummy. The one who had the most dummies at the end of the day won. Another good part of the day was guessing the size of Katie’s baby bump. We cut some plastic tape to guess – mine and Lauren’s were similar sizes and we won a prize – woohoo!

Katie was so overwhelmed when receiving her presents from everybody. There was a bit of everything including: blankets, outfits, Tommee Tippee steriliser set, Moses basket, the baby necessities, Fisher Price playing sets, and many more. Baby Brereton deserves them all.

All round, I can say that we all enjoyed ourselves and had a wonderful day. It was great to meet new members of the family and just be together with everyone. I’ve never known a baby shower to last so long – but it flew by because we were all having such a good time.

We wish Katie and John all the happiness in the world and cannot wait for their little man to be here.

3 thoughts on “Katie’s Baby Shower

  1. Sounds like it was a great day.I’m currently planning my friends baby shower which is next Saturday she’s also having a boy. The planning process is both been fun, exciting an a tad stressful 🙂

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