An Interview with My Mum and My Boyfriend

Two of the closest people I have in my life are my mum and my boyfriend, Danny. I thought it would nice to interview them.


The relationship between a mother and her daughter is very precious. You share her love and warmth as soon as you are inside her. Each moment you grow, is a moment that makes your mother love you even more. There are many habits that I pick up from my mum like where the glasses and mugs should go in the cupboard to thinking things are hilarious and bursting out into a laughing fit.

My mum will still make sure I’ve eaten breakfast and tea at the age of 22 and she’ll tell me to take a paracetamol as soon as a migraine or other pain in my body comes my way. I like that a lot of people are telling me that I’m starting to look like my mum as I have grown from a girl to a woman.

Don’t worry dad, I’ll always have those Bolger eyes.


It’s Danny Guy! Both my friends and I would always call him by his full name. As he was someone who attended the same primary school as me, the year above, it’s how I always knew him. The day I met up with him and a guy out of my year when our primary school was closing down before it became a Tesco, I thought to myself, “Whoa, I’m here with Danny Guy.”

We began to know each other more since college which is something we discussed that very day because he was telling what it’s like to study A-levels. We would text each other hours on end. He made me laugh. He would give me compliments. And he was always there. But there came a day where we wasn’t in contact for a year. We both had our experiences away from each other but we found our way back to each other.

I remember sending him a text saying, “I’ve missed you.” on the night we were meeting up with our friends. He thought I had text the wrong person!

We know each other’s emotions, habits, and attitudes down to a tee. Through all kinds of weather, destinations, and experiences that we’ve travelled together, I couldn’t have wished for anyone else to explore this journey with.

Let’s see what my mum and Danny had to say…


What’s your favourite thing about being a mum?

Loving my children – you’re all individual and you all expect different things from me which makes it precious.

What’s your favourite thing about dad?

That he is strong. And that he’ll stand by you whether he thinks you’re right or wrong.

What’s your all-time favourite meal to cook?

A roast dinner, especially when the whole family is round because that makes me feel happy. (I added a chicken roast dinner)


What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

Best compliment? I don’t know. You do compliment me a lot on how clever you think I am.

Has where you are today met your expectations?

It’s exceeded my expectations. I never thought I’d have someone like you, I never thought I’d graduate, or get the chance to see what it’s llike to live with you.

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

New York because you love it and I’ve always wanted to go there with you.

Why not pick two of the closest people to you and ask them some questions like these. Tag me so I can read yours @tashalifestyle.

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