3 Emotions You Feel When You’re an Auntie and a Godmother

To have become an auntie and a godmother at the age of sixteen is one of the most special things I’ll hold in my heart forever.


From the moment you hear you’re going to be an auntie up until the moment your niece/nephew are born, you feel so excited to see their face. You even look forward to hearing them cry because you want to stop them from crying. I remember sitting in the hospital waiting for my niece, Gracie-Mae Bolger to be born. It’s one of the most magical feelings – I’ll never forget the day I held her and looked into those big blue eyes of hers.

You feel excited to see them grow – seeing them crawl, making sounds to have a little conversation with themselves, to taking those first steps – it’s all amazing.

The excitement now consists of many things related to Disney that we both love. I think it’s good that I’m a twenty-two year old who loves Disney (it doesn’t sound that bad does it?)

Full of pride

Gracie-Mae is six years old now. She has gone from having a story read to her and looking at the pictures to writing her own sentences and drawings. I see her at weekends, as does my brother, and Gracie develops new language every week. I must bug her as she’s been growing up when I’ve asked her to count to a particular number but it’s been rewarding to see that she goes higher and higher each time.

She’s a very clever little girl. I love hearing about the new things she learnt at school, from telling me she wants to write stories to hearing that she’s joined a drummers club (good luck to my brother with that one!)

Gracie is such a beautiful girl. She has ‘princess hair’ as I call it. The length of her hair is all of the way past her bum. She has big blue eyes and the most beautiful smile in the world. She is growing way too quickly but it’s always good to see that she’s learnt something new each week.


Every time I see my niece, I just want to cuddle her and see her smile. When she says things like “You’re pretty” or “I love you” it is such a heartfelt emotion. She knows that I am her auntie Tasha and I feel blessed every day to be both an auntie and a godmother to her. I always want to spoil her as she deserves.

She brings a lot of light into my mum and dad’s world especially. And Gracie has made me feel even happier since she warmed up to my boyfriend, her uncle Danny. She loves everything that he says and does and will even wind him up when his hair is fluffy.

When she runs up to me and wants to sit on my knee I feel overjoyed. Just yesterday, she said to my dad, “I want to give Tasha a big cuddle” and it’s most definitely the little things like that which make my day. She ran up to me with a big smile, cuddle, and kiss. And she told me twice that she loves me. It also always makes me smile when she does or says something which reminds me of myself at her age.

My boyfriend’s sister, Katie, is due to have a little baby boy in December and the excitement is rushing through my body all over again. Going to buy cute baby clothes all over again makes me so happy, especially as I get to do it for a boy this time. I keep saying “Oooo I’ll have a niece and a nephew by then.”

I wish Katie all the best health and love in the world to both her and John for baby Brereton.

Always remember that, family are so precious.

What are your thoughts?

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