Why You Should Pay Attention to Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety hits us all at some point in our lives. There are different types of anxiety disorders. Each can affect people both mentally and physically. Have you ever felt a constant sense of fear? Has this lead to difficulty with your concentration levels?

Triggers and emotions with anxiety

We all have phobias. And we have all experience moments where we panic. Sometimes, it can be a spider in the room. Other times it could be worrying about running late for work.

However, there are more triggers which I have noticed in a social environment. There’s someone who’s afraid to speak over the phone at work. This involves communicating with a high status staff member. It also includes delivering a presentation. There’s someone who’s afraid to walk into a room full of many people.

Whatever a person may be feeling anxious about, health should always come first. Stress and worry is not healthy for any individual. I do not have any type anxiety disorders. This does not mean to say that I haven’t experienced it on some kind of level. Of course, it’s nowhere as extreme as those who suffer from anxiety disorders.

The misunderstanding of thoughts and feelings

Some people can have a habit of misunderstanding the thoughts and feelings of others. Due to how anxious Anxiety sufferers can believe there are several limitations in their lives. They think they can’t achieve the greatest of things and/or struggle with social activities. We should not mistake this for being ‘boring’.

Most likely, we have referred to the ‘vicious circle’ where things are known to just keep going round and round repeating themselves. As much as those who are feeling anxious sometimes perceive their own thoughts to be nonsense, there are other people around who can relate to them or someone who truly wants to listen to what they are experiencing. Anxiety has the strength to make you reluctant to change old habits.

Some people can feel closed in where there is a wall that isolates them. This creates a world of loneliness. In addition, people can be sensitive to criticism they are given. Anxiety can reinforce a person to feel as though they are being judged and therefore is it possible for them to take comments in the wrong context, when a person truly means no harm. On the other hand, some people do not know how it feels unless you have been in their shoes.

Fear of going to events

The one thing that I fear the most is particular upcoming events. There have been times where I have placed a negative outcome on something before it has even happened. One thing is for sure, worrying only leads to more worry – see how that vicious circle comes back into play again?

I have learnt to take one step back, and believe that whatever happen will happen and I will work around it. Life is full of challenges. It does not mean we cannot approach them positively. People’s reactions towards my actions have bothered me and some still do but I just know that I need to do what makes me happy. Being happy can help you move forward and take bigger steps in your future.

With regards to low self-esteem, I took a look at mind.org.uk. I found it interesting to see that they mention two negative life events at the top of the list as possible causes. Both are relatable to myself – being bullied, and losing your job or having difficulty finding employment.

Experience of the gym

I’ve also been that type of person who used to go to the gym, and I did not like to be around people I knew or I worried about how well I was doing the activities. I have also worried on the beach or by the pool about my body. In the end, I’ve worked out in the gym, relaxed by the pool/on the beach and felt much happier from it.

I’ve been rejected and I’ve been bullied. I have been a member of a group where I have not been the most popular, prettiest, most intelligent etc. At least I can say that I have always been me. Whereas, others can struggle to believe that being themselves is going to please other people as they have experienced a lot worse. You should not have to please anyone and you should start putting you first.

Whenever I have seen someone or something having an effect on me where they/it have tried to change me, I have given myself a smack in the face (not literally but you understand where I’m coming from here).

Oh those embarrassing photos

I have embarrassing photos of myself from being little even up until now but don’t we all have them? We aren’t meant to look perfect in every moment of our lives. Memories are special, we should not hide the ones where we think we look less beautiful. We all have our moments to shine.

I’ve walked down the street many times and thought to myself, “Wow it’s been raining and their hair in still in straight, perfect condition.” I’ve envied people who never look rough after a night out or never look tired when they’ve had a long day.

Social media plays a huge impact here as there are millions of users to compare yourself to, which can sometimes be a false illustration of their real life.

Some people see to have it all together. However, I have also realised that a lot of people are very good at hiding their true inner feelings. Whenever you feel like you have to, remember it is always good to share your thoughts with at least one person. When you find that one person, you’ll realise that you are never alone and you are loved more than you think.

To all of the people who suffer from an anxiety disorder, I hope you find all of the support that you need and receive lots of love from your family and friends. I completed a six-week Mindfulness course on FutureLearn and I would highly recommend it.

Do you have advice for people with anxiety disorders? Discuss in the comments box further below.

What are your thoughts?

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