My Experience of Working in a Learning Support Environment

Over the past five months, I have assisted in the dyslexia department within an office in a supportive environment. Unfortunately, the role has come to an end due to it being a temporary term-time contract.

I have organised files and records for exams and checking that the correct resources are available for each individual student. It has always been in my nature to care and help others. Some students would come in at dinner time or throughout the day just to have a chat and all of which were very friendly and polite.

I was pleased to have had the opportunity to contact high schools across Salford and Greater Manchester for safeguarding purpose to maintain records of contacts and queries of upcoming student enrolment.

Additionally, the importance of safeguarding along with health and safety procedures were always maintained daily.

My skills within administration, organisation have definitely developed and one thing I am very certain of is the improvement of my communication. I have gained more confidence when contacting students, staff, and parents and being aware of the correct tone to use.

There are many students within the learning support department who require more support than others and all of which have come from different backgrounds.

My line manager stated that:

Natasha has quickly become part of the team and is always happy, polite, and welcoming when greeting colleagues, either personally or by phone. Emails are professional and Natasha is always willing to notify colleagues to check what work needs to be undertaken or with her availability. She has grasped the department systems quickly as appears to have become more confident the longer she has been in the department. It has been a pleasure to work along her.

The three main tasks I become strongest with were:

  1. Keeping paperwork up to date and noticing errors
  2. Being confident with the MI and SMS systems – monitoring students, especially on the dyslexia database
  3. Keeping effective records up to date and performing admin duties to a high standard

I was thrilled to have been part of the team as all of the staff were very welcoming and helpful along my little journey. Although the role was only for five months, I have taken away a lot more skills and attributes than I thought I would have. I am also very thankful for my lovely gifts which I received on my last day yesterday.

Here’s to the future to see what even bigger and brighter things can happen when moving forward.

What are your thoughts?

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