Do You Get Frustrated Too Easily?

For some reason, I feel stressed and worried today. I feel like I am not prepared. Does anybody else ever wake up feeling like this?

Even though it’s Sunday and I am happy to have the day free, perhaps I am just worrying too much about the start of my new job tomorrow morning.

I don’t seem to like it when people are suggesting more things. I feel like I want to be alone. Am I grumpy because I’m hungry? Do I need hug? Other people will see it as me being weird.

However, I just see it as one of those days. Occasionally, I tend to have these feelings where I say no. I don’t want to do something. I don’t feel like it. Why? I have no idea.

Sometimes, I do know that, I don’t like to be too involved in events. For example, I just want to spend the day to myself and do nothing. By this, I don’t mean I don’t want to attend work/health/friends related occasions. I mean that, from time to time, I simply do not wish to do something.

After I have written this post, I will probably take a much more relaxed approach to the remains of the day. Especially if it is a day where I’m not feeling pressured or being as tonnes of questions by everyone.

Maybe that isn’t the real case scenario, but it sure does feel that way at times. I used to hate it when someone doesn’t agree with your decision or path in which you want to aspire. But, guess what, this is my life and that means my choices to make, not yours.

So, today, I am going to plan. This begins with keeping myself organised and taking more of a positive approach to the day. Some people might refer to this as, taking a step back or ‘taking a breather’.

Right now, I am sitting down with thoughts running through my head on how to take the stress away which most likely does not need to be there in the first place. If I was someone else talking to this present self, I would say:

Tasha, you seriously need to relax. People are telling you this and you are saying that it’s not going to be okay. Try to believe that it is going to be for once.

Hmm… let’s try. Surely, I’ll have cheered up within a couple of hours. Writing about my feelings, as much as they might not make sense to some readers, really does make me feel like I’ve released some kind of strain from my body. For the rest of the day, it is time to keep my head up, stay optimistic and smile.

I cannot yet worry about something that has not even started.

I took a few moments to complete this quiz. And according to the creator, I get 27% frustrated. Hmm… I’m unsure about this statistic. However, I’m not frustrated day in day out. I get frustrated mostly at the times when I probably don’t need to.

Take the ‘do you get frustrated easily’ quiz for yourself and see how it determines your stress factors.

What are your thoughts?

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